Hollywood silent as filmmaker arrested

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula faces probation violations


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Nothing says presidential leadership like decisive action. And that's what we saw last night as the producer of the anti-Islam film was arrested for violating probation. Yes, this arrest has nothing to do with the film that Obama and crew pinned the Middle East mob on. No, this is just a coincidence, it's all about probation. And I'm 5'10".

Anyway, this filmmaker gets no bail because he is dangerous. He makes scary films, films that kill people. It's like the ring but without the creepy Japanese girl.

So, let's get this straight -- the feds would not arrest the Black Panther vote intimidator and he was on real-life film. So a film of a real crime, widely distributed gets ignored but a fantasy home movie nobody saw leads to an arrest.

Where the hell is Hollywood? Shouldn't this scare the diapers off Alec Baldwin? Matthew Modine, where's the march for freedom of expression. Streisand, Deep and Clooney, Julie Louis-Dreyfus, where the hell are you people? Hiding under Harvey Weinstein? I know you can.

But you know who's going to be arrested next? Kathryn Bigelow. She is the maker of the bin Laden film, "Zero Dark Thirty." She better lawyer up. If anyone dies because of that end zone dance of death, she'll have blood on her hands, right, Mr. President?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: You know, Greg, I want to know who the source was on that video?

GUTFELD: I was the source on that. I was the source.

BECKEL: I do this -- from a public relations standpoint, this is the worst idea imaginable, I first thought about it and I said, well, probation violation. Even if he did, wouldn't you say to yourself -- I think I'm not going to arrest this guy right now. I can wait a couple of weeks because the right is going to take --

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Even worse than arresting him now is they perp walked him before they arrested him. They perp-walked him in front of cameras, when think they called in for questioning. You know what? The guy might be actually safer in jail that free because of that -- that one, right there.


BOLLING: He comes out of his house, in the middle of the night, the L.A. police took him out and they alerted.


GUTFELD: -- growing religion in prison.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: This is America, right?

BECKEL: You mean he was arrested then?

BOLLING: No, that was them bringing him in for questioning before they arrest him.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: And it's a probation violation, which no one really believes that it's a probation violation that could have got him. How many cops do they need to arrest for a probation violation. There was like 10.

GUTFELD: They will argue it was for his safety. You don't arrest a guy for safety. You say, we're going to put him somewhere.

GUILFOYLE: That's so over the top. It's ridiculous.

I mean, this is America and this is happening? Why isn't everybody outraged over this and say, wait a second, talk about -- forget killing, you know, First Amendment and free speech, you just killed it, you just put a fork in it?

GUTFELD: Well, you know everybody in Hollywood.

GUILFOYLE: Well, that's true.


GUTFELD: Clooney has been chasing you for years to no avail.

Where are -- aren't they cowards?


GUTFELD: Can you e-mail Clooney and go, where are you?

GUILFOYLE: No, not him. Pick someone else. Alec Baldwin.


BECKEL: She has a thing for Clooney. You got to leave her --

GUILFOYLE: I will e-mail Alec Baldwin and say, where is the outrage, OK? Where is the whole, you know, Twitter rant? Where is the -- you know, your outrage about the fact we can step all over the First Amendment in this country?

BECKEL: Kim and Andrea both whose shoes are more than my entire retirement fund.

GUILFOYLE: How is that even relevant?

BECKEL: I want to ask you a question was this guy handcuffed, too? I think he was, right?


BOLLING: He wasn't handcuffed when they led him out. Now he's handcuffed.

BECKEL: But if you pick up somebody for questioning don't you have to read rights and all that?

GUILFOYLE: OK, I will tell you, as Mr. Gutfeld says, from his five-minute online legal course, that you can go ahead and take someone in and have the officers if you say it's for their safety or protection or the guy had death threats against him. But otherwise, the sheriff department is going to be sued if anything happens to him while they're doing this bizarre perp walk which they filmed so that then that can, you know, further appease the jihadists.

BECKEL: Do you think the LAPD let the press know this was going to happen? They must have, right?

GUTFELD: Yes. I have a question though --

GUILFOYLE: That's how this works, Bob.

GUTFELD: Who is President Obama going arrest for the 8.1 unemployment, 8.1 percentage? Can he arrest somebody for that?

BOLLING: You brought up something really important though in the monologue.

BECKEL: He did?

BOLLING: No, when Kathryn Bigelow movie comes out, I mean, this is the victory lap.

And, by the way, it's the victory lap with intel that was given to Kathryn Bigelow that isn't available to anyone else. So, literally, the Obama administration opened up the door of the CIA and said come in. Here's what you can have. Make a movie about our killing bin Laden. They must be going, hmm --

BECKEL: Are you no longer giving the president of the United States credit for killing bin Laden?

BOLLING: Don't spike the football.

TANTAROS: The biggest threat to free speech, I think, is the American liberal, because they cherry-pick when they want to use it, right? So they want to build a mosque at Ground Zero, that's their right. When they want a proof on a police car, First Amendment, First Amendment.

Now, you see incidents of First Amendment, and they run away from it. And this is setting a very, very dangerous --

BECKEL: I just want to say I did not poop on police car. And don't say all liberals --

TANTAROS: And how long, in years? How long has it been?

BECKEL: At least 15.


GUILFOYLE: Bob, forget about it.

GUTFELD: Can I just be clear we actually got the filmmaker before the terrorist? Have we gotten any of the terrorists? So, we actually have -- mission accomplished. We got the filmmaker.

BOLLING: We just admitted there were terrorists yesterday.

GUILFOYLE: Even though we know which group did it and who was in charge of it.

BECKEL: That's not really. I mean, they picked up -- the Libyans picked up 70 some people in this thing.

TANTAROS: Do you really think this is going to stop them, too, from attacking us when they seeing him hauled off?

GUTFELD: No, I'm telling you -- this was the appearance of appeasement to the Middle East.

GUILFOYLE: It's a perp walk.

TANTAROS: The Middle East doesn't care.

GUTFELD: Because they don't get cable. Sorry.

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