Rudy Giuliani takes on Iran's president at rally

Former New York City mayor on Ahmadinejad, United Nations


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": OK. So who would you rather listen to, America's mayor or the world's maniac?

Apparently, New Yorkers chose Rudy over loony, ignoring Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blasting Jews on their holiest day inside the U.N. and instead keying in on the guy who properly sized him up at a rally outside the U.N.

That guy, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, with me now.

Mayor, I think you got the edge in applause.




CAVUTO: Although you and I were saying it's amazing how rational, thinking human beings can hear the nonsense Ahmadinejad was saying and then like nod and applaud.

GIULIANI: It's the U.N.

Basically, what you have standing up there is a mass murderer, a maniac, a guy who has vowed the destruction of the state of Israel, a Holocaust denier, and a 9/11 conspirator, the idea that 9/11 really happened because of Israel, or because of George Bush or because of -- these are the most insane ideas.

And here's the real question, the serious question. Would you want nuclear weapons in this man's hands? And under President Obama, that is directly where we're going. Since President Obama has been in office, Iran has enriched uranium three times more. And they are getting perilously close to having nuclear material, which for me is the red line, having nuclear material.

CAVUTO: Do you ever think they already have it?

GIULIANI: Could be. I'm not privy to the classified information. I wouldn't want to bet my life on the fact if they don't have it.

And here's the risk of their having it. Forget the missiles; handing it off to those terrorist groups that they are presently supplying today. They are in communication with 20 to 30 terrorist groups. They give them all kinds of ammunition, all kinds of weapons. If they had nuclear material, they could hand it off to one of those terrorist groups.

CAVUTO: And then wipe their hands of it. It's not us.

GIULIANI: Well, they lie about everything, right? They were going to kill the Saudi ambassador in Washington. No repercussions for that. They just lied about it. They lied their way out of it. And with President Obama's kind of approach of leading from behind, I would think he would have to have proof beyond all doubt that they were responsible before he would do anything.

CAVUTO: Much has been made, mayor, of the president not meeting with world leaders when he was in town, going on "The View."

What do you think of that whole dust-up?

GIULIANI: What I think is he's not a president. He's a candidate.

The world is in turmoil right now, worse than it's been in a very long time, an American ambassador killed for the first time since Jimmy Carter, two SEALs and another diplomat killed, people being killed in Syria every day in large and large numbers, American soldiers still being killed in Afghanistan without much of a plan really how to figure out how to extricate yourself from Afghanistan without even more damage.

I can go on and on and on. China, trying to challenge us militarily. They just announced they are going to build an aircraft carrier.


GIULIANI: Obama reset the relationship with Russia.


GIULIANI: And made it much, much worse. Right? We're trying to get Russia to help us with Iran. We're trying to get them to help us with Syria, and Russia's telling us to go to hell.

The world is in turmoil, and the president is campaigning. The president's not meeting with the world leaders with whom you have to have a close personal relationship. You've got to sit down with Netanyahu, face to face, and discuss a very serious question, not making fun of Romney, but a really serious question, which is, when do you we strike, who strikes, what the red line test should be.

They've got to have one between the two of them. Even if they don't tell it to us, they've got to deliver it to Iran, and let Iran know there is the line. You go beyond that line, we're going to have -- we're going to have a massive attack.

CAVUTO: What do you make of these polls? With all of that, the president leads.

GIULIANI: I think that those polls are off by a lot.

CAVUTO: Let's say the margin of error. In some states, it might be beyond that margin of error.

GIULIANI: Well, but I think the polls are a question of what's the sample they are using. What's the model? Is it the 2008 model, a 2010 model? If they're modeling on 2008, then Obama's going to be winning. And it's not going to be a 2008 turnout. If they're modeling on 2010, then of course Romney's going to win.

CAVUTO: So you think it's much closer than it appears?

GIULIANI: I think it is.

Do I think Obama has a lead? Yes. I think Obama has a lead. And I think all of us in the Romney campaign better take that very, very seriously. And even worse than that, he's got a lead in some of those very, very key swing states.

But by no means is it insurmountable. And you've got two big events coming up-- the debates and this turmoil in the Middle East. Every time you see it, I think you get a sense that Obama's policies in the Middle East have been a disaster.

CAVUTO: All right, I'll put you down as a no on the president.


CAVUTO: Mayor, always a pleasure seeing you. Thank you, sir, very, very much.

GIULIANI: Good to see you.

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