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Cavuto: Let's start demanding more from our government

We should reset the bar


More than five million iPhones sold over the weekend...and apparently not good enough.

Apple's stock pounded on the "disappointing" news today.

Billions of bucks made in just a few days and it ain't cutting it with investors expecting a lot more from Apple "all" days.

That's setting a high bar, folks.

Could you imagine if the government were held to the same standard?

Tonight on Fox Business Network, I do.

Tonight, at 8 p.m., I'm also going to ask this question?

Why "don't" we do that?

Why "don't" we demand more of a Washington that gets trillions from us...

Than we do a company that gets billions from shareholders?

Why "don't" we say, it's not good enough to beat low expectations?

Why "don't" we demand the same return from our tax dollars...?

Apple shareholders get from their investment dollars?

What's really so different measuring the number of folks buying a gadget...

With the number of folks benefiting from a program?

We should be demanding "more" bang from a lot "more" bucks..."our" bucks...all "our" bucks.

If in the corporate world, we reward those who perform, and punish those who disappoint...

Why are we foisting still more money to a government, richly rewarded whether it performs or disappoints?

Not fair. Not right.

And tonight, not gonna happen.

I'm going to re-set the bar. And demand, we as taxpayers re-set the bar as well.

Longer satisfying ourselves with economic numbers that are barely growing, simply because they're no longer tumbling.

It's time we demand as taxpayers what investor's demand of Apple, as shareholders.

Not just doing well. Doing great.

Not just slowing the growth of government...reversing the very size of government.

Just whining about whose nose is out of joint bemoaning Mitt Romney's remarks on the 47 percent who pay no income taxes...

But demanding how the heck we got to a point in this country where 47 percent pay no income taxes.

Don't tell me America isn't Apple.

Apple "is" America.

The difference is we're "all" shareholders in this country.

So let critics say, Apple is Apple.

We don't set the same standards for this country...

I'm telling you...we're rightly stuck...

With a lemon.