Common Sense

Viewers vs. Cavuto

Neil reads audience e-mail


Oh, hats the I-man...

No sooner had I gotten off his very fine show this morning...

Than I was getting emails left and right over some comments I made with him this morning....

Namely...that this whole dustup over what Mitt Romney said back may...or what the president said back in 1998...won't make a lick of difference to voters this November.

Alison e-mails.

"You are so wrong, Cavuto, I’m in that 47 percent that mitt Romney wrote off. Trust me, I’ve written "him" off!"

Carl in LA

"Did you really say we're over-obsessing about all the groups Romney ticked off in that 47 percent?"

No, what I said, Carl is we're not obsessing over the fact that 47 percent aren't paying income taxes. Some quite genuinely, some quite deservedly...but something is very wrong in a country when it's tax base has shrunk to half the people in this's an alarming trend...and I’m less interested in whose nose is out of joint, and more interested in fixing this joint...this country.

Cal in NYC

"I think you're exactly right...we're focusing on nonsense and even the media pushing it, knows it...good for you."

R.E. via AOL

"Cavuto and the cowboy...make more sense in seven minutes than these other yammering pundits have these last seven days!"

Conner via yahoo.

"Cavuto, you say Romney’s smart, so why does he look so stupid?"

As I told Don Imus, Conner, we'll only know whether he's stupid come Election Day, right? So no need rushing egg-on-anyone's, right?

Ben in LA.

"Imus is right to doubt you he knows clueless when he sees it"

Alex via Yahoo.

"Don’t know whose worse the cowboy on oxygen or the clueless anchor clearly on methane."

Neal B. In Texas takes offense to Imus' tone!

I'm done with Imus...I realize in NYC don has to placate the liberals, but I don't have to hear it. I'm also tired of everyone being "fat." love your show.

Well, thanks, Neal...I think.

Donna in Atlantic City, N.J.

"Heard you on Imus and I think I heard something unprecedented...a media guy telling another media guy how this rush to judgment is infecting all media guys? Did I hear that right?

"Did I hear you right? And do you still have a job, because you were a pretty bi-partisan basher?"

Well, Donna, as of now, I still have a job...because I still think I said nothing wrong.

But don't believe me....hear for yourself. now a highlight of the exchange that prompted all these jabs...good and bad.

Me and the the state of this race

Between these two men.

We decide.