Grapevine: Obama puts his stamp on the American flag

Logo replaces stars on campaign store item


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Stars and Stripes

There's a controversial new item at the Obama campaign store. The design is called "Our Stripes" and replaces the flag's blue field of stars with the Obama campaign logo.

The campaign explains it this way -- quote -- "A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States"

Social media sites exploded today. Here are a couple of tweets.

From Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus -- quote -- "Obama States of America? Wow."

Blogger Michelle Malkin -- quote -- "'O' SAY CAN YOU SEE...Obama's new American Flag!?! Narcissist-in-chief strikes again. Unbelievable."


A mid-speech flip-flop at the U.N. from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

He first defended freedom of expression when asked about that controversial anti-Islam film.

Quote -- "All human beings have the inalienable right to freedom of expression." 

But then he said this -– quote -- "When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others' values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected."

Besides contradicting himself in that speech, Ban goes against the U.N.'s Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- which states the freedom of expression includes -- quote -- "Freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."

For the Birds

And finally, a New Yorker's last-ditch effort to save his gas station has a problem that's for the birds.

The Cold Spring planning board, you see, won't let a local businessman build a Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru because -- among other issues -- it might bother bald eagles' nests several miles away.

The question -- do the eagles actually run on Dunkin?

One expert told FoxNews.com, no they don't.

Quote --"They don't eat doughnuts. They prefer carrion" -- which are dead animals.