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Cavuto: Chuck Schumer's silence speaks volumes

16,000 bank workers axed, yet no outrage?


16,000 people lost their jobs today.

And for the life of me...

I couldn't find Chuck Schumer.


Or for that matter,

"Any" Democrat expressing his or her outrage, and I was looking "everywhere."

Not even a press release to denounce these reckless layoffs.

Or corporate America's latest act of heartlessness.

Or peeved off pressers denouncing the firing of salt-of-the-earth union guys.

No, not for these 16,000 guys...

Maybe because...

They were Bank of America guys.

And by the end of the year, they're all going to be out of a job.

The bank accelerating its cost-cutting plans and guess who got caught in the buzz-saw?

Yep, workers.

Workers, who I guess have no lobby, and clearly on Capitol Hill, engender no sympathy.

Maybe it's because they're not union.

Maybe it's because they're from an evil bank.

Maybe it's because they're not union "and" from an evil bank.

I don't know.

All I do know is this much is clear: these 16,000 folks are just invisible.

16,000 workers packing boxes and belongings...

But if politicians don't comment...sort of like a tree falling in a forest and no one's there...maybe it didn't happen.

It did.

And it does.

But because it's Bank of's done...and, who cares?

Maybe that's also because none of this fits the liberal narrative...that evil banks are doing so well for themselves, they won't so much as lift a finger for us.

Greedy selfish bastards...swimming in dough. But refusing to lend that dough.

Then this.

The reality that crashes the profiteer-bashing party.

No, some politicians would sooner whine about Boeing "hiring" 1,000 folks in a right to work state because they're not union...

Than dare say anything about the "shedding" of 16,000 folks in a very different industry...because they're Bank of America.

I'm still waiting for an outraged Chuck Schumer to come to the microphone.

But let's just say...

I'm not banking on it.