And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Photo Faux Pas

Another possible photo foul-up at the Democratic Convention.

We told you last week that Democrats had to apologize for using a photo of four Soviet-era Russian warships in a huge backdrop intended to show support for American veterans.

The Navy Times -- which was the first to report on the original slip-up -- got a tip that the planes in this photo are from another country as well. The Daily Caller quotes military experts saying "the military jets are not U.S. military jets and are likely Turkish jets."

We reached out to the Democratic Party for comment -- but have not heard back yet.

Different Story

As Carl Cameron reported earlier White House press secretary Jay Carney faced questions today about whether that leaked video showing Mitt Romney is comparable to an incident back in 2008 when then Senator Obama said bitter rural voters were clinging to guns and their religion.

Here's what Carney had to say about that back when he worked for Time.

"He's got problems and he's exposed a huge weakness in this past week with his comments about small town Pennsylvanians. Cause it reinforces a perception that he's urban and urbane but not particularly well-connected to small town America."

And here's what he said today:

"I didn't--I don't remember that column. But the-- I honestly don't. I think the president then candidate addressed this at the time."

The Rules Are Different Here

Apparently the rules are different for official vehicles here in the District of Columbia.

Or at least -- their taxpayer-supported drivers think so.

A local TV station reports that D.C. workers driving official vehicles have racked up get this $367,000 in traffic tickets over the last year and a half. $367,000.

That's a total of 2,600 tickets issued.

That includes nearly 700 for running red lights --

And about 150 for going at least 21 miles over the speed limit inside the city of D.C.

That's pretty tough to do.