Common Sense

Cavuto: America doesn't lack resolve

We lack resources


They say beggars can't be choosers.

But beggars can't be heroes either.

That's what happens when you "owe."

Folks don't exactly say, "woe!"

They're not in shock.

They're not in awe.

In fact, they're not much all.

That's been the story of America for some time now.

Deeper in debt...losing our cache as fast as we lose our cash.

Our economic problems are legendary.

Is it any wonder our foreign problems are as well?

There was a time when our money backed up our considerable freedom-loving mouth.

We had the resources to match our resolve.

I'm not saying this country lacks resolve.

I "am" saying this country lacks the resources.

Frankly...the cash that comes with clout.

When you're in a hole, its hell.

To anyone who's been there...creditors bother you, banks don't lend to you...even friends, when they hear, avoid you.

You're seen as pathetic.

And your stern protests to the contrary make you seem even more pathetic.

Not saying that's why Mideast nations rise to condemn us.

But i am saying they see little reason to fear us.

That's what happens when you owe more than you can ever hope to pay.

You get more grief than you ever really deserve.

It's not fair. It's not right. It just is.

Credit ratings agencies threatening to knock us again.

The federal reserve desperately printing more dollars again..

Well, it just proves my point all over again.

We've lost our economic compass.

Financial guys are seizing on it.

Is it any wonder...?

The crazies are running with it?

That's what happens when you're broke.

To the world's most evil elements, you look broken.