Common Sense

Cavuto: Middle East crisis spirals out of control

Where is the White House?


So "Mitt Romney" is campaigning when he dares to criticize the president and his handling of this latest Mideast violence.

But the "president" is not, when he comments on his challenger's remarks on the way to a campaign fund raiser?

So, the president can raise cash.

But Mitt Romney can't raise concerns?

The president's outraged, and properly focused on dealing with this crisis.

But not outraged enough, that he can't still campaign in the middle of this crisis?

Look, I don't fault the president for doing what he has to do. He is running for re-election, after all.

But he's hardly the one to stand on the shoulders of angels...

Claiming his opponent's "just" about the election, and that's all.

If memory serves me right...

Then "Senator" Obama freely ripped president bush's so-called mistaken war in Iraq, while we were still warring "in" Iraq.

Four years earlier, so did John Kerry.

Is hardly new.

Here's what is.

Getting all sanctimonious about it.

I'm sure Republicans didn't like it when Democrats did it.

Democrats clearly no fans of Republicans doing it.

That's politics.

And this feigned rage...that's politics too.

Because I’ll say this of Jimmy Carter...

When he claimed the Iranian hostage crisis kept him hunkered down in the White House...

He really was hunkered down in the White House.

I don't know exactly what he was doing there...

Ted Kennedy was itching to debate him...

And later Ronald Reagan was eager to engage him...

But carter remained reclusive...true to his word. Or maybe true to avoiding appearing less than presidential.

But then again...

That strategy didn't work out so well for carter, did it?

...which might be why Barack Obama isn't exactly copying it.

"say" you're all consumed with this Mideast crisis...but not "so" consumed that you're willing to actually "be" consumed 24/7 in the White House to deal with it.

Me, I’ve had enough of it.

...of a white house that dares to call Mitt Romney opportunistic, while at the same time...

Passing up an in-person chat with Israel’s prime minister, that is at best, idiotic.

I'm just wondering whose tin ear is...tinnier?

...because i'm just hearing the first lady saying that fat Americans are the greatest threat to our national security.

And not mentioning violent mobs attacking fat -- and thin -- Americans abroad...might be a slightly more urgent threat to our national security.

No, fat is where it's at.

Fat chance, honesty ever will be.