Common Sense

Cavuto: Is this what billions in US aid gets you?

Why are we paying for this?


If we can't buy their love, why the hell are we putting a deposit on their hate?

You have to wonder looking at the Middle East these days.

Is this what billions in U.S. aid gets you after all these years?

Hundreds of millions of dollars to Libya alone since we helped that country topple a dictator?

Look, I don't expect a thank you. But I sure as heck think we're due better than...a "screw you."

This is not the time to be inflammatory. But this is the time to be realistic.

They're killing Americans.

And burning American flags.

They hate what we stand for.

So why are we standing for this?

Worse, why are we paying for this?

Leaving aside we're broke and don't have the money...

Exactly what are we strategically investing that money we don't have...for?

As far as I can tell...not much.

So we help topple a dictator...

And by all appearances...

The new folks in charge do little to help an American diplomat.

Don't tell me a stupid movie about Muhammad sparked this.

It's anti-Americanism that's behind this.

I do find it curious the timing of all this.

No sooner than we commemorate a horrible anniversary...

Than this horrible act...

"These" horrible acts.

The problem isn't that this keeps happening, my friends.

The real problem is...we keep paying for it.

Stop it.

It's enough we've given our blood.

We needn't pay for their butchery.