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Laura Ingraham: Mitt Romney's faith under the far-left microscope

Talking Points 8/23


By Laura Ingraham

For the past three nights I've discussed the pervasive media bias that help President Obama win in 2008 and that may help him win re-election again this November.

Just as Republicans prepare to formally introduce their presidential nominee Mitt Romney to a national audience, Obama's biggest supporters have jumped in to counter the message.

One major TV network is hyping an hour-long special about Mormons. In it they examine the theology of the LDS church and views of its members and some of its former members.

Another news network ran its own ground-breaking report about Romney's religion this week and raised the question of whether he might take orders from the president of the Mormon Church.

This Latter Day feeding frenzy stands in stark contrast to the media hands off approach to the Jeremiah Wright story four years ago. Most reporters at the time considered the inflammatory anti-American comments made by Obama's pastor of 20 years to be irrelevant and intolerant. It was considered unseemly to pry into a candidate's personal religious beliefs. So why the sudden interest in prying into a candidate's faith now?

Ed Klein, the author of a recent book about President Obama weighed in.


ED KLEIN, AUTHOR, "THE AMATEUR": There is talk in the Obama campaign to start a what they call an educational schedule in the Evangelical community about what Mormonism is in order to suppress that evangelical vote.


INGRAHAM: Now wait a second. I thought Democrats were trying to stop voter suppression this election. Or is it just a problem when the voters are Democrats? No matter the source, any attempt to explicitly or implicitly stoke the flames of religious bigotry in this election should be fiercely denounced.

And that's "The Memo."