Grapevine: Romney camp tweets Obama spelling gaffe

'Ohio' misspelled at campaign stop


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Seeing Green

Nearly a half-million taxpayer dollars were spent on commercials touting the Obama administration's green jobs effort. 

The Labor Department contract used stimulus funds to air commercials on two prime-time MSNBC shows.

The ads promoted job corps training specifically aimed at environmentally friendly careers. The official contract shows a whopping zero jobs were created...zero.

Labor officials say it was an important outreach tool but critics, of course, say it's just another example of wasteful spending. 

One watchdog group saying -- quote -- "Taxpayers would be a lot happier at the end of the day to see a completed road rather than a bunch of ads on cable television."

Weighty Allegations

Some weighty allegations are flying around the Sunshine State regarding Florida Republican Congressman David Rivera.

The Miami Herald reports campaign vendors say Rivera helped run a shadow campaign for a Democrat's failed primary bid in an effort to knock off another Democrat.

That could be illegal.

One vendor says Rivera contacted him last month and requested a list of voters who were ultimately targeted in 11 mailers sent by the campaign of Democrat Justin Lamar Sternad.

The vendor says he spoke numerous times with Rivera and even copied him on an e-mail related to the flyers -- paid for with envelopes of cash, which insiders say is highly unusual.

Rivera's campaign says the e-mail was a mistake and that their candidate has no connection with the Sternad campaign.


Finally, Ohio will be tough to win for either candidate, of course, but it's also apparently tough to spell.

A Romney staffer tweeted this photo of President Obama lining up with Ohio students, with the caption -- quote -- "A word of advice to Barack Obama -- it's O-H-I-O that has 18 electoral votes, not O-I-H-O."

At some point, the group must have realized their error because the Obama campaign tweeted this correctly spelled photo later on.

You'll remember the Romney campaign got its share of ribbing for an app that spelled "America," "Amercia" earlier this year.