Restaurant offers discount to ditch cellphone at the door

Eva Restaurant owner and chef Mark Gold explains


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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST OF "YOUR WORLD": Meanwhile, you want to check your tech at the door, because if you put this down, your bill will go down. One restaurant is giving customers 5 percent off their bill for putting away their phones.

Mark Gold is the chef and owner of Eva Restaurant in Los Angeles.

I think this is a brilliant idea. And I have devices all over me. I think I have a chip in my ear. But I think it's a good idea. What response are you getting from folks?

MARK GOLD, OWNER, EVA RESTAURANT: The same response that you feel.

Everyone who has been to the restaurant has really thought it was a great idea and are very thankful that we're actually doing something for it.

CAVUTO: It's funny. I was hearing my colleague Shepard Smith in the last hour say it's kind of sad you have to pay people to do this. But it is what it is. What do you make of that?

GOLD: Well, we just want people to connect again. And it's about too many times people are on their cell phones during dinner service.

And first it's about just connecting with each other. And we feel it's lost the art of communicating and sharing emotions and thoughts with each other. And so that was the whole premise behind it.

CAVUTO: Have you gotten any steadfast who say no way I'm going to give this up?

GOLD: You know, none whatsoever.

CAVUTO: Really?

GOLD: Everyone's been very positive and really appreciate -- yes, exactly, yes, very much so.

CAVUTO: If they have a long meal or let's say it's like a date from hell, do they miss their devices and they go back up to the counter and say give me my BlackBerry, or...


GOLD: You know, fortunately, we haven't been in that situation yet. And I'm hoping that it won't -- it won't happen.

CAVUTO: What got you started on this though again? Were you noticing that, hey, all of my patrons are texting and they're not sampling my great food?

GOLD: It wasn't so much about people texting in the restaurant or on their cell phones. It was really about bringing people closer together.

And we feel that in the moment has been lost and we want people to connect again. And so many times, it's just -- for us, it's about eliminating the one more distraction from their dinner experience. And we are a very small restaurant. We have 42 seats. And we want to give people a certain experience. And it's very much a home. It's a very warm, very intimate space. And we feel the best way to experience Eva is with -- together, communicating.

CAVUTO: What kind of food do you serve?

GOLD: It's very contemporary, very modern cooking, a lot of fish.

CAVUTO: A lot of fish. Good. Good for you.

GOLD: Yes, I know. It's good food, excellent food.

CAVUTO: Not a bad idea, not a bad idea, Mark.

GOLD: Well, thank you.

CAVUTO: As a tech geek, even I support it.

GOLD: I appreciate that.

CAVUTO: Mark Gold, good seeing you.

GOLD: Thank you so much.

CAVUTO: Thank you.

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