Common Sense

Cavuto: DC is talking and spending

As our debt keeps soaring


'Til death do us "not" part

Because no matter who dies this debt of ours will not part.

And it will not die.

It will live on.

Thanks to Democrats who keep spending.

And Republicans who just keep talking.

This debt clock keeps swirling.

...hurdling toward a number I still have a tough time even now...comprehending.

$16 trillion dollars.

What we owe.

And haven't the foggiest how to pay.

$16 trillion bucks in red ink and we're not manning up we're actually doubling down.

Not spending less. Spending "more."

Talk of still more green initiatives.

Still more construction project initiatives.

And if taking money from Washington won't do it maybe stealing it from states will.

Un-spent highway funds from them now the latest source of goodies for all.


Just stop.

And let "this" number sink in:

$30.5 billion.

That's how much debt we added this week.

Just. This. Week.

$30 and a half billion bucks.

Enough to buy more than a million Prius cars.

Or if you're slightly more showy...

101 Trump Towers. I'm talking the whole building here.

Or if you're in between...

How about 7,600 Manhattan townhouses -- I'm talking at $4 million a pop here?

$30 billion would cover that.

Just like it would cover 2,346 learjets.

or 4.4 million rolex watches.

Money we could use for so many other things anything. Going to just "one" thing.

Our debt. Our big old national visa bill.

...$30 billion dollars bigger "this" week.

North of $4 billion bucks a day.

$167 million smackers just during the course of this show.

$2.8 million every minute I've been on this hour.

More than 47,000 bucks a second.

My friends, we're not just running out of money.

We're running out of time.