Bad blood at 'Today'?

Uncomfortable exchange hints at tension


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BRIAN KILMEADE, GUEST CO-HOST: Now, as many of you know, Ann Curry, after 15 years, was replaced at the "Today" show.

Here's her goodbye, June 28th, 2012.


ANN CURRY, "TODAY" SHOW: This is not easy to say, but today will be my last morning as regular co-host of "Today." I will still be part of the "Today" family but I'm going to have a new title and a new role. It's not that I ever expected to leave this couch after 15 years but I am so grateful. Especially to all of you who watch.


KILMEADE: Little different from goodbye Meredith Viera's prior host.

Meanwhile, some people think it was bad blood over 30 Rock. Take a look at this exchange now, happened this week between Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie yesterday.


MATT LAUER: And the ladies threw you in the water after winning the gold.

AL ROKER: Which is different in our tradition, which is throw one of us under the bus. That's a different story.

LAUER: Mr. Roker!


KILMEADE: There you go. Throw one of them under the bus. This was number one in the morning on broadcast TV for 16 years now, being beaten by GMA, and Al Roker, the staple on that show, turns on Matt Lauer who got $500 million contract.

Dana, how bad is the blood over there and how much pressure is on Matt Lauer to get along with these people now?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I think that was the definition of "awkward." If NBC had to do it over again, they might have handled that whole a little differently.

I would guess.

And Al Roker, he has earned his stripes over there, too, been there a

long time. He felt it was his role --

KILMEADE: Do you think -- you know what it's like to ad lib on unscripted show, Eric Bolling. Do you think he did it on purpose?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I don't know, but -- here's awkward turtle. Stay on Brian.

Here is the thing -- so the ratings are slipping but this clearly has tension going on. My contention is they weren't getting along and that's why the ratings are slipping. Do you know anything about THE FIVE, you see nothing but chemistry and the ratings are rocking. We're off to the races, because we get along.

You can see, you can visibly see the animosity. I didn't know Roker was on the Curry team when he took a shot at Lauer.

KILMEADE: According to "Us Weekly," which is my bible.


KILMEADE: I pick it up that bible --

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Where you go to church.

KILMEADE: The call back I was hoping you remember.

So, I'm wondering, this actually happened where Lauer doesn't get along, Savannah Guthrie who's got migraine headaches and Al Roker wanted to Ann Curry, how will the world ever be the same, who will ever topple GMA if they don't get along?

TANTAROS: It shouldn't be the same. Maybe the issue is Matt Lauer.

Maybe the issue, get rid of him. I mean, he's been there the longest.

Maybe he is the rating issue. Not the girls.

But I will say this -- the way they rolled out Savannah Guthrie I found to be so offensive. If I were here, I would have said, you're doing what? You're bringing Ann Curry on an going to have an awkward exchange, and she is going to cry an bringing me in?

I mean, they really -- NBC really messed that up.

PERINO: What does migraine have to do with this?

KILMEADE: She came back and feels the pressure evidently and her migraine are so bad since she came back. That's also disturbing --

PERINO: A lot of people have migraines. They're one of the only things that doesn't get a lot of research. Some people think that's sexist because it's women usually that get migraines. I know a lot about this.

KILMEADE: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar used to get them. Go ahead.

BECKEL: Can I say something?

TANTAROS: Speaking of migraines.

BECKEL: That was the most depressing -- you're so excited about talking about this, and that woman, crying. Could we never see that again?

Prozac sales are going to go through the roof. How do you get excited about that? It's sad. It's ugly.

And he -- how does he get paid all that money? He had no hair. He's ugly.

KILMEADE: Let me say this, Matt Lauer is a great guy.

BECKEL: I'm sure he's a great guy. So are you. But you got hair.

KILMEADE: Well, for now, who knows what's going to happen. He was a tree surgeon that was called in to give a more shot and ends up the highest paid anchor in television.

TANTAROS: Wait a minute. Who knows what's going to happen with Matt Lauer and your hair?

KILMEADE: If I lose my hair --

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