Bipartisan push to dig deeper into Delphi pension dust-up

Pennsylvania Congressman Mike Kelly weighs in


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STUART VARNEY, GUEST HOST: A bipartisan group, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is demanding a deeper investigation into the Delphi pension controversy; this after leaked e-mails show the Treasury Department was a driving force behind ending pensions for non-union workers.

My next guest is part of that bipartisan push, Republican Congressman Mike Kelly.

Mike, in brief, it seems like they beat up on Delphi, Delphi's management, that is, to make the bailout cheaper and to favor the union, and 20,000 management people got up to a third or more of their pensions cut. Have I got the facts right there?

REP. MIKE KELLY, R-PA.: And you do.

But what the thing comes down do when we talk about union jobs and non-unions, we are talking about Americans. We are talking about American jobs. And I think that is the thing that is probably most offensive to all of us and on both sides of the aisle.

This thing that took place, and I sat in several hearings -- the July 10 hearing was the one that was probably the most revealing, but the -- even the inspector general, we have been asking for thousands pages from Treasury and from the task force, the auto task force, and from the PBGC to find out where they were treated fairly?

And I do know, from sitting across, Mr. Bloom, Ron Bloom, who was on that auto task force, he said, listen, it doesn't have to be equal. We determine what is fair.

I said, wait, wait, wait, would you say that again, because in this country, we really do believe that fair and equal treatment under the law. So you just said, clearly defined, your definition of fairness does not mean equal. So the union could be made whole, the union workers could be made whole, but those non-union counterparts -- these are the people that worked in the same place -- they were not made whole.

They lost 70 percent of their pensions, 70 percent. Now, this is taxpayer money that was used to bail them out. If you are going to use taxpayer money, why don't you use it fair and equally right across the board?


VARNEY: You have got a bipartisan approach on this. And that is interesting, because there are not many other issues on which there is a bipartisan approach here.

Does the fact that it is bipartisan, does that mean you could, perhaps, make these 20,000 management people whole?

KELLY: Well, I think it's our duty right now.

The American people have the right to know and we have the responsibility to find out for them. Again, when you go before -- have the committees and people stonewall you and won't give you the information and they keep putting you off -- and I keep saying, you know what? Is the election that important that we can't be honest with our American people?

The hardworking American taxpayer dollars that want into this bailout, if you are going to treat everybody the same, then make it fair and equal. Don't treat one group of workers one way and another group the other way.

We truly are Americans. At the end of the day, we are all Americans. I want America to win. I want every American to win. And every American under the law needs to be treated fair and equal.


KELLY: And that is the issue right here.

This is an administration that seems to picks winners and losers and determine what is fair. That is not right.

VARNEY: Congressman Mike Kelly, Republican Pennsylvania, thanks for joining us, sir. We appreciate it.

KELLY: Thanks, Mr. Varney.

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