Grapevine: Did Sen. Reid aide say too much?

Backtracking after comments about source of Romney tax accusations


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Money Maker

The city of Pittsburgh is feeling the effects of "fracking" for natural gas in Pennsylvania. 

"Fracking" is banned in Pittsburgh, but the money flowing from it is more than welcome. E&E Publishing reports the city once on the brink of insolvency is now using drilling in the nearby countryside to fuel an economic rebound.

Hydraulic fracturing operations have brought in jobs and boosted office space demand in the city. Environmentalists worry though about the potential negative effects that they could eclipse the footprint that's been caused by coal mining.

Pittsburgh's Democratic mayor though says the industry can -- quote -- "...drill in a responsible way while also creating tens of thousands of jobs for local Pittsburgh residents."


An aide to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had to backtrack after spilling details on the supposed source of the allegation that Mitt Romney has not paid taxes for a decade.

Reid aide Jose Parra told a Los Angeles radio station -- quote -- "This person is an investor in Bain Capital, a Republican also, and somebody...who has been dealing with Romney's company for a long, long time and he has direct knowledge on this."

Later Parra walked it back in a statement saying -– quote -- "I do not know the party affiliation of the source, how long he invested with Bain, or his relationship to Romney."

Asked about the mix-up, a Reid aide says the Senator does not plan to reveal any more information about that source.

Drug Dial

Finally, you've heard of drunk dial now a case of drug dial.

Police say a Pennsylvania man accidentally pocket-dialed 911 during a drug deal.

They recorded the conversation and you got it the caller was arrested.