Grapevine: Privacy issue with new iPhone app?

Program reveals registered Democrat addresses


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Batting Around

Some folks in Turkey are not too happy about the photo we showed you last week showing President Obama wielding a baseball bat while on the phone with the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

A number of Turkish officials are calling it an insult to the country. But the prime minister continues to call President Obama -– quote -- "a friend who never falls short of respect or politeness."

A White House spokeswoman says the photo was released to show the close relationship between the two leaders.

Privacy Issue?

If you've ever been curious -- or nosy -- about the political leanings of your neighbors, now there's an app for that.

Anyone who downloads the Obama for America iPhone app, can see registered Democrats by looking at a Google map.

Here's a neighborhood we saw when we tried out the app today, complete with flags marking registered Democratic households.

Full addresses are also listed.

The device is supposed to show first names and last initials in addition to gender and age. But when we tried it today, the app only gave addresses.

The registered Democrats' information shown in the app is publicly available...raising some eyebrows.

Set Abuzz

Local press in Malawi reports Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused a buzz, when a swarm of bees moved in during her departure.

They say Clinton was forced to run into her plane. Local witnesses claim a panic broke out as officials scrambled to avoid getting stung.

A State Department spokeswoman confirmed there were, in fact, bees on the tarmac, but said it was no big deal and nobody panicked or fled.