America's Nanny targets babies' bottles

Bloomberg banning baby formula?


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BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Mayor Bloomberg who has made quite a deal recently of trying to tell people what to do and what not to do, from sugar and drinks and that sort of thing. Now he has a new one, and that is that he doesn't think that formula is the right thing for babies, that they ought to be breastfed.

And so, there's a new ad that the mayor and his people paid for, which is, if we got that ad showing the importance of breast milk in a number of different things for babies.

So what he has done is convince city hospitals to sign up for Latch On program. Don't ask me where it comes from. I have no idea. I can imagine.

So, a number of hospitals signed up. They are going to lock up baby formula to sort of try to force women who have babies to breastfeed.

So, Eric, you are an experienced man of breastfeeding. What do you think?


ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I think every day there is a new Bloomberg ban, or, you know, there's a push away from sodas, salt, now breast milk. Honestly, it's almost becoming a joke, like he's really just trying to be outrageous to tick people off, to get attention. He doesn't mean lock up the baby formula to encourage. Are they going to breast feed whether there's baby formula --


BECKEL: I don't want to ask you the question.

BOLLING: Why not? She is a mom.

BECKEL: Did you breast feed?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Gosh, you're so annoying.

BECKEL: No, you did, right?

GUILFOYLE: Yes. But I used formula, too.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: You like when you needed to, right?

GUILFOYLE: But I think it's so rude. Why are you going to tell women? It's going to be a choice. You're all about choice, aren't right? She should be able to decide what she wants to do. There are babies that aren't latching on and aren't receiving enough nutrition.

PERINO: What about the mom that has to work two jobs, who doesn't have the time to be able to do the proper -- all the pumping and all that?

Not only that, if you are a nurse at the hospitals, you have to document a medical reason why you have given out formula. Awful.

BECKEL: But they do -- pediatricians have said breast milk is better than formula. Anyway, let's move on to another --

GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Can I comment? Or no?

BECKEL: I'm sorry, Greg. I'm sorry. Go ahead.

GUILFOYLE: We didn't think you were mature enough.

GUTFELD: Government flows in the path of least resistance. No one in bureaucracy ever says, hey, I think we went too far. If they say that, they can't make more money. Government has to expand.

And, by the way, baby formula did not stab an elderly man on the subway yesterday in New York City. It was a group of girls who did that. They stabbed a 65-year-old man at 6:00 in the morning on the way to work.

Bloomberg like Rahm Emanuel, like all these idiot mayors, have their priorities up their butt. You are dealing with the violence first. Let people make decisions about their breast milk on their own.

PERINO: Also, this sort of follow -- take it a step further. One of the things if they say they want to do education so that women have information and they can make a right decision. Would it be true about sonograms before somebody decides to end a pregnancy? The same efficacy would be true.


BOLLING: You're making a good point, though, there is a line between providing the information and mandating --

GUILFOYLE: Compelling action. Yes.

BOLLING: Or taxing or all the things that the left, and Bloomberg likes to do. They like to change the behavior by taxing you.

GUILFOYLE: And way to get a group that is hormones raging, everything. Don't piss off the moms.

BECKEL: The question here really is whether the access issue is one that bothers me, which is when you lock something up, that is not just asking to make a choice. That's making you make extremely inconvenient to get something that you want, right?

PERINO: There's something about his actions makes me want to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes. And I don't smoke.

GUTFELD: It won't stunt your growth.

PERINO: I'm past that.

BECKEL: You smoke your cigarettes. I'll smoke my cigars and see what happens. OK?

PERINO: Those under the window?

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