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Bill O'Reilly: Finally a hero to protect the kids

Talking Points 7/26


By Bill O'Reilly

27-year-old Andrew Goodman raped two boys ages 11 and 13 over a period of four years. This savage pleaded guilty to 48 felony counts of criminal sexual acts; 48 counts. New York State Judge Martin Murphy sentenced the monster to just two years in prison outraging the victims, their families, and the Brooklyn District Attorney.

Murphy gave Goodman the minimum sentence; he could have given him life in prison. Why was the judge so lenient? Murphy refuses to answer the question. He is hiding under his desk. Because of time served, Goodman could be released in a few weeks.

Enter U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, who yesterday charged Goodman with a federal crime of transporting a minor across state lines to engage in sexual activity. Goodman allegedly took one of the boys from New York to New Jersey to see a Kid Rock concert and then had sex with the minor.

If convicted on the federal charge, Goodman could get at least 10 years in a federal prison. Miss Lynch obviously doing this to protect children from Goodman, something Judge Murphy is unwilling to do. She is a hero and should be respected by all Americans for standing up to a gross injustice.

Loretta Lynch was appointed by President Obama two years ago, is a graduate of Harvard Law School and is being assisted in the prosecution by the FBI.

Finally, we see a public official willing to right a grievous wrong. Finally, and we want the entire country to know it.

But what about New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo? Well, he remains silent in the face of a judicial atrocity that has embarrassed his state. New York does not have Jessica's Law and Governor Cuomo does not seem to care. We challenged the Governor to stand up and protect the children of the state. New Jersey also doesn't have Jessica's Law. Governor Christie was asked about that yesterday.


GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE (R), NEW JERSEY: I'm familiar with it but I don't think the legislature has done anything with it yet. A number of states have. Ours haven't yet. So if you are certain about it, get to your legislator and write them about it and tell them to gets it passed. They send it to my desk you know I got a feeling I'll put my signature on it.


O'REILLY: The reason New Jersey does not protect its children the way it should is that one guy is blocking the vote on Jessica's Law. One guy; that would be Senate President Steve Sweeney a Democrat. The Jessica Law bill is ready to go but Sweeney is refusing to introduce it for a vote. How cowardly is that?

Now, we are asking you to help the kids as well. We have a petition on we would like you to sign so we can give it to Governors Cuomo and Christie. We believe Governor Christie will sign Jessica's Law. But we would like him to be a bit more proactive and go after the guy who is blocking it in his state.

Governor Cuomo remains a mystery. Why? Does he not care about a child rapist sentenced to two years in his state? That's just inexplicable.

And that's "The Memo."