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Cavuto: Lousy economic recovery putting the brakes on births

U.S. birth rate lowest in 25 years


Let me stress. We're stressed.

Forget about the fact this economy's not generating jobs.

"We" are not generating kids.

It's true.

This lousy recovery's putting the brakes...on births!

The U.S. birth rate is now officially the lowest it's been in 25 years.

Which tells me one of two things is going on...

One...we're just not in the mood to have kids in an economy like this...

Or two...we're just not in the mood, period.

Either way...forget about voting with our wallet...turns out a lot of us are voting with the whole lower torso surrounding our wallet!

This could be the one stat experts are missing...the offspring we're not creating.

Forget the spread sheets.

Focus on what's "not" going on "under" the sheets!

And the excuse for what's not going on under those sheets...

"Not tonight, honey, I have a recovery ache."

Or..."let's just cuddle, while this economy tumbles."

Has life gotten so "taxing" that we've quit..."loving?" worried about what Washington’s spending, that now "we're" spent?

Because it's one thing to try to delay kids until there's a recovery...

But if this one takes as long as I suspect, a lot of folks might be too old to even "make" kids for that recovery.

Now, wouldn't that be a kick in the pants?!

The economy's off to the races...

But it's too late for us to bother taking off our pants!