Racist rhetoric in the 2012 campaign

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Silence. That's what we are hearing from the Obama campaign after one of the president's Virginia truth team members, State Senator Louise Lucas, made the outrageous claim that racism is playing a role in Governor Romney's campaign. And here's a reminder of what she said.


STATE SENATOR LOUISE LUCAS, D-VA.: Let's be real clear about it. Mitt Romney is speaking to a group of people out there who don't like folks like President Barack Obama in any elective or leadership position.

We know what's going on here. Some people may be afraid to say it but I'm not. I am not afraid to say it. He's speaking to their friends out there who do want to see anybody other than a white person in a leadership position.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you really believe now that this is still about race?

LUCAS: I absolutely believe it's all about race and for the first time in my life, I have been able to convince my children, finally, that racism is alive and well.


HANNITY: Now her comments are absolutely absurd. The president and his team should have come out immediately and denounced these comments. After all the president's chief spin doctor David Axelrod, he made a very bold statement earlier today saying that they, meaning the Obama campaign, are running a positive campaign. Listen to this.


DAVID AXELROD, OBAMA CAMPAIGN ADVISER: I would point out that much of our advertising has been positive. We have been from the very beginning of this campaign. We have been the target of hundreds -- more than $100 million of negative ads from Governor Romney and his colleagues.


HANNITY: All right, just another example to add to the long laundry list of Obama hypocrisy.

Joining me now with reaction, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, David Webb. He's on Sirius XM, and the New York Civil Rights Coalition, Mike Meyers.

Guys, good to see you. First of all, in the last two months it's actually Obama who has outspent Romney, 95 percent of his ads have been negative. That's issue one. What I want to know where is president's civility?

DAVID WEBB, SIRIUS XM PATRIOT HOST: It's gone, Sean. I mean, let's face. It was never going to happen because we have talked about this. The only way he can do this is divide people into groups and subsets and try to get that amalgamation again.

This goes beyond that because this is horrific, what she said. But what is even more horrific to me, she says, I absolutely believe it's all about race and for the first time in my life, I have been able to convince my children finally that racism is alive and well.

Racism is taught. That's why it can be unlearned. That's why they're epiphanies. This woman is actually practicing racism and this campaign, this president -- and she asks for a national conversation on race --

HANNITY: But, Mike, she's a surrogate with the Virginia Truth Team, speaking on behalf of the campaign. Once again, the president is silent. He lectures the country regularly on tone and civility.

MICHAEL MEYERS, NY CIVIL RIGHTS COALITION: I must say that when I heard her comments, I shook, because they were not only divisive, they were ignorant. They were abhorrent. They were racist, venomous, poisonous racial rhetoric.

It needs refutation. It needs to be answered and the answer to your question is -- where is Barack Obama's voice? Either the answer is two things. One, he is cowardice. He just doesn't have the courage to speak up against racial bigotry of this time, this racial rhetoric, this venom. Or else, there is agreement. He must agree because this guy is supposed to be one of the most articulate people in the world and he has not addressed the issue. I think he identifies with racial rhetoric. I think he identifies with Jeremiah Wright and with Derek Bell and Al Sharpton. He identifies with the new Black Panther Party. He and Eric Holder who called this nation a nation of cowards --

HANNITY: Here's what I don't understand.

MEYERS: They are the cowards. They are not speaking truth. She is a member of the truth panel team and she cannot speak the truth.

HANNITY: Here's what I want to know. It seems maybe this is one very big distinction between Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the end of welfare as we know it, the era of big government is over and a sister soldier moment.

Bill Maher, the war on women, he takes a million dollars from a guy who uses the "c" word, "b" word against prominent conservative women. This case, racial rhetoric used by somebody that's a surrogate, spokesperson, part of their truth squad, silence, and the media also -- no coverage.

WEBB: There are two forms of hypocrisy going on there, the one is the media. The media won't cover it. Two, the Obama campaign comes out and they take every effort when a surrogate for Mitt Romney speaks to parse it, to attack it.

But when theirs do something even worse -- think about it, this woman represents the Virginia 18th district. Do they represent you? That's the question for America tonight. Do these people represent and you your values?

HANNITY: Last word, Mike.

MEYERS: My last word, I have to say that this is such a racist statement. Any time you evaluate a person simply because he's black, it's racist that you oppose his record or criticize his performance --

HANNITY: Romney's a felon, now basically is being accused of being a racist.

MEYERS: I say to Barack Obama directly. Find your voice, condemn this racial poison. Stop this hatred and stop the polarization.

WEBB: He won't do it because this is who he is. Take a look at the man for who he is --

HANNITY: You are not saying he's a racist.

WEBB: I am saying that this is part of he is.

MEYERS: He identifies with racial demagoguery.

WEBB: Right and think about this, Sean, final word. Progressives prey, p- r-e-y, on everybody to achieve their goals.

HANNITY: Is it more simplistic than that that the Obama campaign is willing to say anything because they can't run on their record to get elected?

WEBB: Absolutely.

HANNITY: Is it more simple?

WEBB: Divide into subsets and get them to vote for him.

MEYERS: I say that he has failed in terms of what he promised and people need to speak the truth. His members of his truth team to speak the truth and they never do. All of their racial rhetoric and falsehoods.

HANNITY: Where is president civility?

WEBB: He never there was.

MEYERS: Not in this campaign.

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