Air Force jet fuel uproar

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF "HANNITY": Now, the United States Air Force caused an uproar when it was revealed by Reuters that the USAF bought thousands of gallons of synthetic jet fuel, get this, for $59 a gallon, compared to traditional fuel that only would cost $3.60. Now, believe it or not, this waste of your taxpayer money was part of the administration's so-called green energy plan, aimed at lowering fuel costs. But not only did this test, squander thousands of your dollars, according to Reuters, the company was this bio-fuel company that was purchased from -- it was backed by a mega donor of Obama, by a guy named Vinod Khosla who has given thousands of dollars to the president. Joining me now is the author of "Throw Them All Out," Peter Schweizer is back with us. All right. So, let me understand this. $59?


HANNITY: When we get it for $3.60, to lower cost. That's the stated goal.


HANNITY: And it's a mega-donor of Obama whose company benefits.

SCHWEIZER: Yeah. And you know this is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem Sean that if you look at the problem with waste and cronyism in Washington, it's very hard to cover it up, once the media gets onto it. The one area that in government, that people, the American people, still support a lot of spending on is in the military. So the military's become this dumping ground now for this kind of crony capitalism that we've talked about. You have the instance that you talked about with the jet fuel for the Air Force. There was something called the Green Aid and Navy Maneuvers where they did the same thing. In that instance, you had a company that was involved, called the Amyris Biotechnologies; one of the largest shareholders in that company is Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband. You had another situation where there was a company named Solsime (ph) which received government contracts, and one of the executives there actually wrote the stimulus bill that dealt with green energy in 2009. And it's now working of Solsime and it now all comes together, Sean, in that beginning July the 30th, the head of the DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is going to be a venture capitalist who is involved in setting up Solyndra.

HANNITY: This is infuriating to me because Solyndra -- belly up. Mega-donor, bundler, Obama, SunPower, same situation. We give money to Brazil. So, that they can -- they can, you know, explore for energy. But we'll be their best customer. Finland gets money to make electric cars - - not American car companies.


HANNITY: And we're talking about hundreds of billions of dollars, while we're gutting defense.

SCHWEIZER: Yes. That's right exactly right. And the problem is, Sean, that this is something that's been a problem with both parties. I mean, you had Congressman Rogers, Republican from Kentucky, who forced the Pentagon to buy drip pans for the Blackhawk helicopter that were $17,000 a piece.


SCHWEIZER: When the military wanted to buy ones that were $2500 a piece. So, it's a problem where people say, we want strong defense spending, we want a strong military and politicians use it as a dumping ground to help out their constituents and their supporters.

HANNITY: You recently pointed out that the president's played 100 rounds of golf, he's has his hundreds of fundraisers for his Hollywood friends, but when it comes to spending on economic issues, where is he?

SCHWEIZER: Yes. Very little time spend. We actually had researchers that looked at President Obama's official calendar and it's also republished in Politico and they did an analysis of any conceivable meeting that he had that dealt with the economy; they included full cabinet meetings in the entire time, counted as an economic meeting. Only four percent of his workday time -- assuming eight hours a day, six days a week, was devoted to anything related to the economy. Only four percent. And there are some periods of time where literally, he goes nine or 10 days without a single meeting dealing with the economy.

HANNITY: Plenty of time to play golf, basketball, parties, trips, vacations -- we pay for it all. And meeting with big bundlers and he gives them hundreds of millions of dollars like Solyndra, SunPower, you know, Finland, Brazil --


HANNITY: This is nuts!

SCHWEIZER: Well, you know, what's interesting, back in the 1980s of course, the assumption was that Reagan was sort of asleep at the wheel, he wasn't paying attention. The bottom-line is I think the American people want the president to spend their time and have the right priorities. But on the other hand, you have you to have the right ideas and make sure that you are enacting the right policies to have growth.

HANNITY: Peter Schweizer, good to see you, as always. Great information. I hope people are paying attention.

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