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Cavuto: Gun violence isn't unique to the US

Not fair to paint Americans as violent


It's always a risk in covering a tragedy non-stop.

Some people can't stop themselves from saying something stupid

Like when an otherwise popular "comic" lamented....

This Colorado tragedy reveals another side of American exceptionalism our penchant for violence, and presumably, our fondness for guns.

Predictable. And wrong.

Because last time I checked...

Norway has among the toughest gun laws on the planet, not to mention, a reputation for having among the most peaceful citizens on the planet.

But that didn't stop Anders Breivik from going on a rampage that left 77 dead, that's right 77 in 2011.

The same year Nordine Amrani murdered seven in Belgium.

Or 17-year-old Tim Kretschmer walked into a German elementary school and killed 15 people in 2009.

Or a 52-year-old British taxi driver named Derrick Bird butchered 12 and injured 11 others in a four-hour violent spree back in 2010.

Barely a year after Ibrahim Shkupolli stabbed and killed his ex-girlfriend, then went on to a shopping mall in Finland to kill four others.

...the same otherwise "peaceful" Finland, where only about a year earlier, a 22-year old culinary arts student walked into a school and killed 10 people.

I could go on

...the Birmingham, England man who killed three back in 2000.

...the Swiss kid who slaughtered 14 at the parliament in Zug in 2001.

...the 29-year-old who killed 11 and injured 6 in South Africa.

...the Slovakian man who killed 7 in a Netherlands shopping mall in 2011.

...or the 23-year-old Australian surfer named Martin Bryant, who shot dead 35 people at a popular tourist attraction there "just because he felt like it" that day.

My point is not to spread the blame but remind all, this kind of stuff isn't unique to us.

It happens everywhere. Among peoples who are peaceful, and those who are not.

In countries with tough gun laws, and those without tough gun laws.

And it's been happening for a long time.

Because before the fixation of 24/7 news nuts have been fixated on being nuts. And being violent nuts.

Like back in 1938, when Mutsuo Toi killed 30 in Japan.

Or in 1913, when Ernst August Wagner murdered 14 in Germany.

Sadly, these things happen.

Because sadly, some people just snap. Or worse, explode.

It doesn't matter their country of origin.

Just their ever-shifting mental state of origin.

Not right. Not there.

But this notion "we" 300-plus-million Americans are uniquely violent?

Not. Fair.