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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: And joining me now are two people who were in the movie theater during the shooting massacre, Brittany Diemer and her boyfriend, Keven Quinonez.

And Brittany pulled the fire alarm as she was running out of the theater. Thank you for both for being with us and very sorry about what both of you had to go through as well. Brittany, tell us that story.

BRITTANY DIEMER, THEATER SHOOTING EYEWITNESS: We were at the top right of the theater, so near the top, and suddenly I saw things kind of being thrown in the air, and then explosions and then a shadow kind of emerged from the right end of the theater and shots started happening.

We hit the floor as fast as we could once we realized what was going on. We could see people running towards the exit to the left. And when we thought it was clear, a bunch of us were heading toward the top exit where I pulled the fire alarm.

HANNITY: First of all, it was really, you know, under that type of stress and pressure, the fact that you were able to think like that, and lot of other people calling 911 and people in other theaters helping.

You hear all these stories of people who really went out of their way to help under very difficult circumstances. Where were you sitting, Brittany?

DIEMER: We were in the top right, about five rows from the top. We were on the right-hand of the staircase where there is only like two seats. So we had like a direct view where the shooter was standing.

HANNITY: Kevin, one of the original reports that I saw was in fact that the first shot actually went to those back rows where you were. Do you remember it that way?

KEVEN QUINONEZ, THEATER SHOOTING EYEWITNESS: I don't remember it that way, but I do remember hearing constant gunfire. We were actually on the ground so we didn't see anything very well.

HANNITY: Did either one of you -- at any point, did you think that this -- maybe this was part of the movie. There's a lot of hype to the new Batman movie, or did you know --


HANNITY: -- you did think. So there was a period where you thought maybe this is something that you didn't expect that was part of the movie experience?

QUINONEZ: Exactly. There were canisters and we thought somebody was just messing around, but eventually the theater got really foggy. We realized it wasn't a joke.

DIEMER: We've been to lots of midnight premieres before where there were lots of fans and they will put on shows beforehand so it's like, OK, some people are getting into it.

But once people started screaming and gunshots started firing, it was no longer a question in our mind that it was real and something bad was happening.

HANNITY: Only too real, sadly.

Brittany, how long did it take you to get out of the theater and how chaotic was it?

DIEMER: It was hard to tell. We were on the ground for a couple seconds to minutes and then we ran up the stairs. So it's really hard to tell, but it didn't seem like it was longer than a couple minutes.

HANNITY: Keven, the rapid fire, how long did it seem to go on and did it seem to just not stop?

QUINONEZ: The gunshots went off for about 30 to 45 seconds consecutively, and eventually it stopped.

HANNITY: Brittany, did you at any point look up and know where he was or was it just too foggy to see at this point?

DIEMER: I only saw him like emerging from the shadows when he first started shooting. After that, we were down on the ground and then facing the exit door. I didn't want to look back.

HANNITY: Yes, I'm glad you guys got out safely. Thanks for what you did, Brittany, to help others there and being able to think on your feet like that. I'm sure that helped a lot. And our thoughts and prayers go out to the community. Thank you both for being with us.

DIEMER: Thank you.

QUINONEZ: Thanks, Sean.

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