Common Sense

Cavuto: Take nothing for granted in life

Colorado shooting reminds us of that


Sometimes life just stops.

The arguing over politics.

Maybe the arguing, period.

All part of the drama of life, usurped by something otherwise mundane in life.

The stuff we maybe take for granted in life.

The stuff we don't think about.

The stuff we don't much fuss or worry about. going to a theater.

Watching a movie.

And when it's done.

Leaving the theater.

And talking about that movie.

But we all know now that familiar routine was broken in Colorado overnight.

And it's all anyone's been talking about since.

For good reason we just can't fathom a reason.

How people can go to a movie theater, and some of them, never come out of that theater alive.

It jars us to our core.

Because it's so outside the norm.

And the predictable.

And the routine.

It's why financial channels joined news channels going wall to wall on this story.

And even traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange couldn't stop watching news reports on this story.

The folks all about getting rich in life jarred by the fickleness of life.

And reminded yet again, there are no guarantees in life.

Or ways to explain the senselessness of some things in life.

The child shot at point-blank range, and we wonder why.

The couple who thought it would be fun to see a midnight showing of a movie for the first time in their life, now dead, and we wonder how.

I guess none of my insights are profound today.

Just a business anchor musing about the routine business of life upended today.

It was almost as if those in business didn't know what to do today because none of what they did or usually obsessed over mattered today.

Not even to them.

No one much cared about all the spending in Washington or the latest saber-rattling in Iran.

Just what happened in an otherwise non-descript movie complex in Aurora, Colorado.

A state all too familiar with life's little shocks.

Reminding us yet again to take nothing for granted in life.


Life itself.