Grapevine: Obama fundraises with accomplished outsourcer

President attends fundraiser at home of 'ruthless' cost-cutter


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Ins and Outs

President Obama says he wants to be a pioneer of in-sourcing -- in contrast to governor Mitt Romney -- whom the campaign has branded a pioneer of outsourcing.

Shortly after those remarks in Austin, Texas -- the President attended a 25-thousand-dollars-a-couple fundraiser at the home of former Dell executive Tom Meredith -- an accomplished outsourcer.

In 2003 -- the PC maker reversed the makeup of its workforce -- from primarily in the U.S. -- to primarily overseas.

Two years earlier -- Meredith predicted -- quote -- “We will be ruthless about how we adjust our cost structure going forward."

Road Warrior

Massachusetts Democratic Governor Deval Patrick wants first lady Michelle Obama to have a smooth ride when she attends a presidential fundraiser at his Berkshire Mansion next month.

The Boston Herald reports the governor's office personally asked town officials to fill potholes ahead of the 20-thousand dollars-a-seat dinner.

Town administrators maintain the repairs were already in the works.
Some neighbors say they appreciate the gesture -- while others question the necessity.

Quote -- "The roads are fine. I'm sure Michelle Obama's got shock absorbers. It's unnecessary."

Journalism 101

Finally -- the value of a little research.
Cleveland Plain-Dealer columnist Connie Schultz says she was emailed by a conservative blogger working on an expose about journalists getting cozy with elected officials.

The blogger asked Schultz for a comment -- about photos of her with Ohio Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown --including one of them hugging.

Schultz's response --

"He's really cute. He’s also my husband."

Schultz says she hopes it's a teaching moment for the blogger -- who she graciously did not name.