Common Sense

Cavuto: Beginning to not recognize US

I'm worried what our leaders are doing to the country


Between Steny Hoyer saying food stamps and unemployment insurance is stimulus.

And the president saying the really successful didn't do it on their own...

I'm worried.

I'm worried for a country whose elected leaders define the "symptoms" of a slowdown as the "cures" for a slowdown.

I'm worried about leaders who'd sooner seek out jobless benefits...than jobs.

...and sooner issue food stamps than try to stamp out the poverty that makes them necessary.

I'm worried about leaders who define their worth by how much they spend, and not how much they cut.

I'm worried about leaders who define who gets a tax cut based on whether they'll spend it and not on whether it's their money and maybe they're just "due" it.

I'm worried about leaders who say "they" know what to do with "our" money more than "we" know what to do with our money.

I'm worried about leaders who say the rich should pay their fair share, but say half the people in this country paying no income taxes is perfectly fair.

I'm worried about leaders who lose billions in slip-shot spending and have the nerve to call it "strategic."

And express complete surprise when this country loses its triple-a credit rating over money, and they say, don't those ratings guys know we can just print it?


I've had enough of it.

Of politicians who base their success on the new regulations they add, and not the regulations they should be taking away.

Who'd sooner screw up healthcare for the 90 percent of Americans who have coverage, than admit they're actually making things "worse" for the 10 percent who do not.

Who'd compromise a healthcare system that's been the world's envy...into one now quickly becoming the world's laughing stock?

There used to be a time food stamps were a last they're a Norman Rockwell commercial.

You used to have to work for just take the welfare.

That's why I’m worried about what's going on here.

You know something?

I don't recognize my country here.

Do you?