New Obama film features president's half brother

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The brand new film "2016, Obama's America," has been making waves by asking one simple question -- if Barack Obama in fact wins a second term, where will we be in 2016?

Now to answer that question, New York Times best-selling author, Dinesh D'Souza. He traveled around the world in search of the real Obama and even spoke for the first time on film with the president's half-brother. Take a look at this.


DINESH D'SOUZA, FILMMAKER: During the campaign, I was surfing the web. I saw a story I believe on CNN that Obama's half-brother, George Obama, wags living in Nairobi in a hut and I thought this has to be some kind of a joke.

But I click on the story and there's a picture and it looks like something out of "Slum Dog Millionaire."

I wanted to read you a couple things you say in your book that I found interesting and quite honestly, I agree. They resonate with my own life. You say, "I don't think that colonialism, which is a big theme of Obama's, is responsible for the sufferings and poverty of Kenya."

You say around that around the time of independence, and I'm quoting you, "Kenya was on an economic par with Malaysia and Singapore. We were at the same level in terms of development. Look where we are now and where they are. They are practically developed and industrialized while Kenya is still a basket case." Can you say a word about that?

GEORGE OBAMA, PRESIDENT OBAMA'S HALF-BROTHER: Yes, I think it's true. Look at South Korea. As far as independence we are far ahead of them, but look at them now.


HANNITY: All right, joining me now to share the insight that he gained from making this film, Dinesh D'Souza is back with us. How are you, sir? Good to see you.

D'SOUZA: Thank you.

HANNITY: He lives in a hut?

D'SOUZA: It's not odd that you have Obama who is wealthy and the president and he has a relative in the hut, his half brother. What is odd is that Barack Obama has been going around the country saying we are our brother's keeper.

HANNITY: Says it all the time, fair share. We just played it.

D'SOUZA: His argument is we have obligations to people, even people unrelated to us. So here is his own half-brother living, by the way, not in American poverty. This is third world poverty of the kind I saw growing up in India. And Obama won't lift a finger to help him.

HANNITY: Well, that's the point. He has not given his brother a dime, not a penny. He met him -- remember they had the photo op, right, same brother?


HANNITY: OK, so he goes and he meets him. Why did he speak out for the first time? Wasn't there a story behind this that he was told not to speak to you?

D'SOUZA: Yes, I was on your show, Sean, a couple of years ago. I started the George Obama campaign compassion fund to raise a little money, a couple thousand dollars to help George become an auto mechanic.

I said if Obama won't help him, maybe the American people will. So we had people contribute small amounts of money, but I couldn't get it to George. Why? Because apparently the Obama campaign found out, they went to George and said don't take the money and so George disappeared on me.

But apparently after the campaign they forgot about George. So here's George thinking where's my money? So when I contacted him now, two years later, George is like come on down I'll be happy to talk to you and maybe you have a little present for me.

HANNITY: So here's the president lecturing we're our brother's keeper. Here he has a photo op with his half brother. Here he sees his half brother is living in poverty.

He's a multi-millionaire, and Joe Biden donates like nothing to charity, you know, vice president cheapskate. He's basically saying the president is a cheapskate when it comes to his own brother.

D'SOUZA: He is. Now that's not the whole story. I mean, by the way, this is a pattern with Obama. He has an aunt, his father's sister, who as we speak is selling coal on the streets of Kenya for a couple dollars a day.

She's quoted in an article saying she wants to get her teeth fixed, but she doesn't have the money. So Obama is not a helper, let's put it that way.

HANNITY: Liberals are helpful, but only with other people's money. They are so generous. They have such a moral obligation. Why wouldn't he help his own brother? Why wouldn't he help his own --

D'SOUZA: Well, in the film, "2016," you see a little window about George, which gives you a clue about why Obama may not be too happy with this guy. You saw a little bit in the clip, but there's a lot more in the film.

Where George basically is, I would say, politically incorrect. Here is Obama, the west is to blame, American's influence is bad, capitalism is awful, and here's George, who in a way has very different opinions then.

In fact, I sort of left the interview and I was kind of joking to my producer, I said, you know, maybe we elected the wrong Obama.

HANNITY: That's pretty fascinating. So he's a conservative you're saying?

D'SOUZA: Well, the term wouldn't apply in Kenya, of course, but yes, he's a heretic. He's self-reliant.

HANNITY: All right, so the premise of this is, what would 2016 look like if in fact Barack Obama gets another term? What would it look like?

D'SOUZA: Well, Obama's agenda as I see it is two-fold. He has been expanding the power of the state at home and he has been shrinking the power of America in the world. He's doing both things simultaneously.

So what the film explores is why is he doing it and second, if we cut him lose? See in the second term, the president can be himself. He is not tethered to public opinion. He can go in the direction that he wants.

I think what that means is a further shrinking of America's role. Look at the Middle East. We have seen Iran and we have seen Egypt slide into the radical Muslim orbit. So what's the third most important country in the Middle East?


D'SOUZA: Well, Saudi Arabia. Now imagine if the radical Muslims got Saudi Arabia then you would have all the three major countries of the Middle East --

HANNITY: And Jordan is hanging in the balance.

D'SOUZA: And Jordan is hanging in the balance. This is what I call the United States of Islam.

HANNITY: Well, I think -- this is harsh words. I think we're watching the rise of radical Islamists in the Middle East, North Africa led by Iran seeking nuclear weapons. And I don't think this president had any clue, he had no idea the Muslim Brotherhood would take over. I did, you did, others did, but very few people, our own president didn't see that coming.

D'SOUZA: Well, if he did see it coming though, he did notify the military, the Egyptian military, step aside and turn over power or the United States will cut off aid. That's Obama.

HANNITY: Well, anyway, fascinating interview with the president's brother in Kenya and thanks for being with us.

D'SOUZA: It's a pleasure.

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