Are you selfish?

Gutfeld: 'Fair share' is now 'must share'


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Welcome back to "All My Children."

So, the Sunday New York Times had thing on Penny Pritzker, wealthy Obama supporter who is MIA. But don't worry, Bob's apartment was searched this morning and she's not there. Pritzker, who owns Hyatt Hotels now gets Obama's take on private enterprise. She's just not that into it.

Also on the same paper, author Paul Nesbitt suggests that the gutting of public benefits appeals to our self-esteem.

So, in my head, this election is becoming the Super Bowl between builders and barnacles. The Obama media complex is now trying to recast America as a selfish empire. They say we are selfish for not paying union pensions and we're selfish for wanting lower taxes. Fair share is now must share.

But is it selfish to worry that your country is sinking under enormous debt caused by pensions. You'd be nuts to ignore California or Greece.

And is it selfish to want to keep as much money as possible for your family? Societies rely on family. Yet, we are asked to put government first?

So, the solution seems noble. Give more.

But it isn't when they never believe what you are giving was yours to begin with. So, I say it's time to actually get selfish and make Obama and the rest fight for every dollar they want to take from you and me. Maybe the only way they finally understand the value of hard work.



GUTFELD: Are we evil selfish people?

PERINO: Oh, completely! I mean, I wake up every day and I can barely look at myself in the mirror, after that unfortunate business I tried to start earlier.

I want to thank the Twitter follower who let me know the wrestling move I was looking for is known as a "reverse."


PERINO: So, now we all know that.

GUTFELD: Try that on Jasper.

PERINO: This is what I thought was interesting in the -- I do do that. That's called alpha roll, and you have to teach the dog that you're in charge. That's what it's called.

GUTFELD: The police feel otherwise. But ago ahead.

PERINO: This is what I thought was interesting in that "New York Times" article about Penny Pritzker over the weekend. Andy Stern, who's labor leader of SEIU, said, "There is a huge unresolved set of issues in the Democratic Party between people of wealth and people who work. Penny is a living example of the issue."

So having helped elect the president they wanted, now they throw her under the bus. The class warfare thing -- there's actually intraparty Democratic class warfare.


PERINO: And I would imagine that there's a lot of Democrats this week might be on the fence about donating to the Obama campaign. They may decided, I think I'm just going to hold on back. Maybe they would direct to Senate candidate or something like that. I don't think they want to give to him.

GUTFELD: Yes. Eric, what did Harry Reid say this morning? Seven odd white men --

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Can't get elected.

GUTFELD: Trying to get Romney elected.

PERINO: Angry old white men.

GUTFELD: Are the left going to operate on the stereotype of business they're all greedy white men?

BOLLING: It's scary that President Obama went off prompter on the Virginia speech on Friday did what he did. He demonized business again.

This is going to reverberate throughout the left, pull talking points out from under Trumka. Trumka, the labor leader. He had a hard time today talking about what we wanted to talk about. He wanted to demonize Romney, but it's going to be hard for them to do that given that speak.

Can I point something out? Dana pointed out work. You understand -- when you go on welfare, you're supposed to make an attempt to work, right?


BOLLING: To receive welfare benefits.

You heard about welfare reform. President Obama who usurped Congress and just redefine working on welfare. Did you hear what they are calling on Thursday?

PERINO: With executive order on Thursday.

BOLLING: Executive order, bed rest is work now. Personal character (ph) is work. Getting massage is work. Journaling is work. Motivational reading is work.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Messages are work? Then Bob is a workaholic.


BOLLING: But in the world on the left is so whacked out that is what work is, instead of earning a living.

PERINO: Journaling, that's awesome.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Let me just say a couple of things if I could. You suggest that the left and the Democratic Party are against business and against work is absolutely ridiculous a Lucille-esque --

PERINO: I said they had a fight between them.

BECKEL: No, no, I'm talking about what Eric said and what Greg said on his monologue.

And, by the way, it's our money. So, how about this? Why don't we take some of our money away from the Defense Department? You love the Defense Department.

GUTFELD: I like the Defense Department.


GUTFELD: I'm sure they could spend their money more effectively. I agree.

BECKEL: So, we could gut them.

GUTFELD: The idea of gutting it, I'm against.

BECKEL: No, gutting them $100 billion.

GUTFELD: If that is how much you can take from it, sure. I don't want to end up like European nation that you gut defense to pay for entitlement so you can't protect yourself.

PERINO: Remember the federal government is set up under our system, two responsibilities. One is to protect the country. So, I think gutting maybe EPA would be a better start than gutting the Defense Department.

BECKEL: Then, if that's the case, then we do away with the Clean Water and Clean Air Act.


TANTAROS: You hate Clean Air Act.

GUTFELD: I hate Clean Air Act.

BECKEL: You live in hell's kitchen like I do. There isn't clean water and clean air there.

But, you know, the fact is you are trying to make this divide here, that doesn't exist.


TANTAROS: Wait, wait, wait.

GUTFELD: It started -- Obama started the divide.

BECKEL: The divide was between a very small percentage at the top and the rest of us.

PERINO: That's the 1 percent versus 99 percent.

TANTAROS: Which is what Obama is trying to make.

And this statement was his Joe the plumber moment. This is the sound that will be played over and over and over. And people have been questioning. Is this the gaffe? Yes and no. Big gaffe.

But this is who Obama really is. It's Liberalism with a capital "L", not a small "L."

And to your point, Dana, that's why a lot of Democrats look at this, not even the super rich. But Democrats who are working hard. I brought up women who are making more money. I think they will look at this and say, to Sununu's point, which if I could clarify, Bob, which was he's not thinking like an American.

BECKEL: He said he's not an American. He's got to learn to be an American is what he said.

Leaving that aside, I hear what you are saying here. But the top 1 percent in the country, including myself have had the freest ride since Ronald Reagan of any group in the country. And the fact of the matter is, the middle class and poor have not.

BOLLING: Bob, if you honestly can author a bill or proposal that said activities qualifying, quote/unquote, "work", under welfare rules, include weight loss promotion, participating in parent-teacher meetings, journaling, it's absolutely a joke. It defines what the left -- it defines the left right there.

BECKEL: That defines the whole left. One executive order.

BOLLING: No one on the right worth their salt would define work as quitting smoking.

GUTFELD: Wait a second. That is work! I'm telling you, that is work.

TANTAROS: By the way, Greg, Obama did quit smoking.

BECKEL: The policy group on capitol hill position there ought to be a Department of Education or Environment? Or should there be environmental regulations? Is that what we should do?

BOLLING: That's right.

BECKEL: Yes, I thought you would. I thought you would. That's exactly right.

So, dirty the water, dirty the air and get back to days when river was on fire. It's perfect.

GUTFELD: You read my mind. I want orphans everywhere.

BECKEL: You do.

GUTFELD: I do! Yes.

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