Grapevine: Treasury employee looking for love on your dime?

Worker used government computers to search for prostitutes


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Stimulus Project

It appears a federal employee on your dime -- was apparently looking for night-time companionship -- during his work-day.

A government watchdog group has released documents indicating a now-retired treasury department veteran -- used government computers to contact and meet prostitutes.

The report found that another treasury employee accepted gifts from bankers he was regulating.

The department tells Fox--quote--
'"Treasury has a strong ethics policy that we expect all of our employees to follow, and the overwhelming majority of them do. As with any large organization, issues of misconduct occasionally arise.
When that happens at Treasury, we act promptly and decisively to address them."

Harsh Words

Attorney General Eric Holder has spoken out against voter ID laws-- comparing them to poll taxes from the post-slavery era.

But his Justice Department has not spoken up about voting rights in Guam-- where the attorney general spoke today.

The native-controlled government of Guam is excluding non-natives from voting in an upcoming referendum-- meaning 63 percent of island residents are unable to vote.

Local journalists did not have the chance to question holder on the matter-- as his schedule did not allow for media time.


And finally -- Australian Olympians Russell and Lauryn Mark claim discrimination-- for being a heterosexual married couple.

The Olympic shooters told an Australian news organization that they are not being allowed to stay together in London’s Olympic village.

They contend that it is common practice for gay couples to room together at the Olympics.

An official with the games-- denies any discrimination -- and says it is a matter of accommodating all the athletes in the village.