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Cavuto: Life is too precious to waste time

No time for unprincipled politicians


The magazine is called "Leaders."

And I guess because it went into the blogosphere I'm getting lots of e-mails.

A quick exchange with me, and yes, for the umpteenth time, more discussion of the disease that invariably defines me.

Look, I don't mind talking about my multiple sclerosis. But again, what ails me "isn't" me.

Still, upon reading the article, Marty e-mails:

"You'd think with a disease, you'd be less strident than you are."

Or Anne via AOL,

"I’d have thought a guy dealing with what you're dealing with wouldn't get so worked up over the mess politicians are dealing with."

On and on lots of mail like that. So allow me, once again, to address that. All of that.

A guy like me, presumably with other things over which to worry, supposedly wasting precious time on things I cannot control.

Wrong. And you don't have to be sick to see just how sick and wrong that argument is.

Take it from me

Is too precious to waste time on arguments that are anything but precious.

Because I don't have time for politicians who say one thing, then do another.

I don't have time for them to take a country down a deep hole, and leave my kids to pay the bill.

I don't have time for a president who says it's fair the rich should pay more in taxes, but says nothing about whether it's fair nearly 50 percent of American households pay no income taxes.

I don't have time for republicans who say it's time to seriously cut the budget, but don't.

I don't have time for politicians who wait out an election, like they're running out a clock.

They forget our lives are like that, and we're all running out of time.

I don't have time for leaders who say they're encouraged by a recovery that isn't there.

And their opponents who say the real recovery's coming after November, so just sit tight.

Don't have time to sit. Time is tight.

I don't have time for democrats who are so rigid on spending cuts; they won't even consider reducing the growth in entitlements, because that's too much.

Just like I don't have time for Republicans who are so rigid on tax cuts, they won't even entertain removing abusive tax shelters, so that all pay their fair share in taxes, because that's going too far.

I admire those who stick to principle, but I don't have time for those who confuse dogma "with" principle.

I don't have time for those who don't bend, for fear of losing face.

I don't have time for those who'd sooner sell this country down the river, just to save their seat.

Don't have time for those leaders who forget our great leaders.

Like I don't have time for those who forget taking risk defines great leaders.

Don't have time for those who say they'll protect our borders but don't.

And then have a chance to prove it by standing by states that try to do so but won't.

I don't have time for those who prefer kicking the can down the road.

Because we're out of road. And we're out of time.

I'll be damned just because of an illness; I should sit back, and be patient waiting for it.

Because the one thing being sick teaches you

Is that you're in no mood to leave things sick around you.

It's not about a legacy. It's about simple decency. For those who come after you.

You're more impatient, not less.

You're more of a nag, not less.

And you're more of a patriot, not less.

You realize how lucky you are to live in the country you do.

And you'll be damned with whatever time you have left not to let the politicians screw up the country you love.

Say life is short. Go long...and loud...on the things that are right.