Madrassa model for US schools?

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Democratic Congressman Andre Carson is coming under heavy fire for a speech that he delivered.


REP. ANDRE CARSON, D-IND.: America will never tap into educational innovation and ingenuity without looking at model that we have in our Madrassas, in our schools, where innovation is encouraged, where the foundation is the Koran. And that model that we're pushing in some of our schools meets the multiple needs of students.


HANNITY: Now the congressman is now backtracking saying he was advocating all faith-based schools. But this is just one more outrageous statement that came from the congressman.

Meanwhile, a top Muslim Brotherhood official in Egypt is again calling for Jihad against Israel.

And joining me now to talk about all these issues, from the American Together Foundation, Michael Ghouse and from Act For America, Brigitte Gabriel.

Guys, welcome back to the program.



HANNITY: All right, Mike, this is very simple for me. I mean, you don't believe in his back tracking. He was very clear that ingenuity we have in our Madrassa and where the foundation is the Koran. He wasn't talk about all faiths there. He was talking about Madrassas. Aren't Madrassas where the radicalism is taught?

GHOUSE: Well, he made two mistakes. One, he is representing the people of Indiana and his role is to uphold the Constitution and not support any religion in particular. Particularly he was talking about Islam. He shouldn't be talking about that.

The second mistake he made which is a blunder, he failed to distinguish between the Madrassas. There is a Madrassas which produced (inaudible) who influenced (INAUDIBLE) whose wisdom is part of our Constitution versus the Madrassas that we created and funded in Pakistan to fight the Russians. He should have distinguished between those two Madrassas. This ill will Madrassas began only in the '70s.

HANNITY: Let me ask Brigitte.

GHOUSE: Also, Sean, the Christians in Palestine called the schools Madrassas.

HANNITY: But for example, we know that Barack Obama, he talked about in his own book, that he studied the Koran in Indonesia at a Muslim school.

If anybody says that he's a Muslim or that he studied in a Madrassas, they're under heavy fire. I accept that he went to Jeremiah Wright's church and he's a Christian. That's not the issue. But if you say Madrassas, you're talking about what?

GABRIEL: Well, the Arabic word for school is Madrassa. However, in the Islamic world and what we are hearing now about Madrassas are the Islamic schools where the Koran is taught and only the Koran.

And when the congressman talks about innovation in education, what innovation? Show me of all the Madrassas in the Middle East and across the globe. What innovation came out of them?

Where are the scientific advancements? Where's the mathematic advancement? The medical advancements, where are the Nobel Prize winners.? The most famous Madrassa in the United States, the Saudi Academy, in Northern Virginia, their valedictorian wanted to assassinate President Bush.

When you look at our education in public schools, what America produced in its education in public schools where people that put a man on the moon, created cars, invented airplanes, invented the Internet, invented medical technologies throughout the world.

HANNITY: All right, so we have a top Muslim Brotherhood cleric. Now the Muslim Brotherhood, Mike, you were wrong. Obama was wrong. We now have a radical that has called -- that has attacked Israel on many occasions that is now in charge of Egypt.

The same thing is happening in Libya. We have a top Muslim Brotherhood cleric in Egypt says it's urging Jihad against the Israelis. We've got video of the Taliban, radical Islamic faith on video showing an execution of a woman. Why?

We'll put it up on the screen, for adultery. We can't show the video, obviously. So my question to you is how can this president be so wrong about so many instances involving the Muslim Brotherhood?

GHOUSE: Well, Sean, Israel's security is very critical to us.

HANNITY: I asked how the president could be so wrong.

GHOUSE: The president is not on this particular policy.

HANNITY: He wasn't wrong about Tahrir Square and democracy and the Muslim Brotherhood coming into power? He wasn't wrong?

GHOUSE: Well, what do you do? What are the choices? Israel's security is at stake. We need to do everything to protect that security.

HANNITY: But the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for war with Israel, Jihad against Israel.

GHOUSE: Sean, there are nut cases every place. We have our own nut cases. There was (INAUDIBLE) who wanted to bomb Mecca. There is a rabbi in Israel --

HANNITY: But you told me this wouldn't happen, Mike. You said that would never happen in Egypt. You were wrong.

GHOUSE: No, no. The nut cases will always be there. It will always happen. We have to work through this. (INAUDIBLE) When he is the president he has to deal with the (INAUDIBLE) -- there's going to be a democracy there.

HANNITY: Brigitte, quick answer. We got to go.

GABRIEL: Obama needs to be wise in dealing with our enemies. We are empowering them the more we show them credibility and lift them to the point where we're inviting to meet and negotiate. That's the wrong message to send.

HANNITY: All right, guys, thank you both for being with us. I appreciate it.

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