Common Sense

Cavuto: Who wasn't at the president's speech?

Folks with real financial hardship weren't invited


Did I miss something at the president's White House event to extend some of the Bush tax cuts?

Like some of the people who "won't" be getting them extended.

Maybe just me, but I was crimping my neck to see the small business owner who will be seeing her taxes go up.

No luck.

Or the urban couple, together making around 250,000 bucks who hardly feel rich...but aren't.

Not there.

And where was that typical evil CEO who's not hiring...precisely because these tax rates are expiring.


Where were the guys who provide jobs but are too nervous right now about taxes going up to even consider jobs?

Where were those supposed fat cat couples with kids, who after all their expenses, haven't much left live?

If the president says they're just props used by his opponents, why not humor them, and add them to the props behind you?

Can play this game, Mr. President...but its incumbent on you to be above this kind of stuff, because you "are" president.

The guy in charge of an economy that's sputtering and fails to see the risk in hiking taxes on anyone.

The guy who just said last week after the employment data came out, that you were encouraged by the direction...

Which could explain a tax policy that will hit its most productive citizens and all but drive this recovery right off the cliff.

That's what I missed today.

Not the predictable political ploys who were there...

But the very real folks whose financial hardship is no less egregious...who were not.

Not there.

Not invited.

Not considered.

Not important.