Grapevine: Brad Pitt's mother backs Romney

Liberal actor's mom for GOP candidate


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Out of Service

For the first time in nearly seven decades, it appears that neither of the major presidential candidates will have military service in their biographies.

Since 1944, at least one of the main party candidates had spent time in the military.

But not this time around because neither President Obama nor presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney have served.

And actually, Vice President Biden hasn't either.

The streak could be preserved in some way if Governor Romney's vice presidential pick is ex-military, but none of the leading contenders for that job has served either.

Split Ticket

Governor Romney is getting a very vocal backing from actor Brad Pitt's mother despite her son's strong support for President Obama.

Jane Pitt wrote a letter to The Springfield News-Leader newspaper encouraging Christians to vote for Romney.

She said any Christian who doesn't vote or casts a ballot with a write-in name essentially votes for President Obama,

Whom she called -- quote -- "...a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage."

Now her son Brad has often voiced his support for gay marriage.

Earlier this year, he said in an interview that his mother is a very loving person who sometimes gets portrayed as a "she-devil."

Pretty Penny

And finally, a Massachusetts man made quite an impression while paying off his final mortgage bill.

He did it all in pennies, 62,000 of them, weighing more than 800 pounds.

The man said his goal was to make his final payment "memorable."

He says in the years since buying their house in 1977, his wife laughed at him whenever he would pick up a penny off the ground and say it was going toward the mortgage.

Well, he had the last laugh there. He gave the bank fair warning that he was going to arrive with the pennies, and apparently they were all for it.