Common Sense

Cavuto: Sometimes the message gets pretty old

Americans are getting impatient


Pretty soon, it gets pretty old.

Numbers that don't pick up...

And an administration says, be patient, it takes time.

A damning economic indictment of his 42nd month in office...

And he's still blaming the guy before him in that office.

The mess he inherited. Got it.

The cure that can't come quick. Got it.

Heard it. Memorized it. Time to move on from it.

Because it's not working...

And the proof is so many Americans not working.

And they're getting restless. And impatient, Mr. President.

Like when you say we need more stimulus, after we've spent trillions in stimulus.

...or we need more green energy investments...leaving aside we have yet to make any green off any of these investments.

Sometimes it just gets old...and the blatant hypocrisies don't seem as shocking, as much as they do, sad. when you bemoan all the money republicans are spending on attack ads...

But say nothing of all the money your guys are spending on attack ads.

Or say with a straight face that you're the financial underdog, even though you'll likely have a billion bucks in your war chest.

Or claim you were the financial underdog four years ago, ignoring, or just denying the little fact you out-spent John McCain two-to-one.

I wonder if you think people don't look this stuff up, check your facts out.

Surely, you would know, they'd find you more than fibbing...some might discover you're serially lying.

About a past that never was.

And promises never fulfilled.

It's human nature for politicians to gloss over history.

It's quite another to lie about it.

Then, to add insult to injury, make excuses for it.

Playing the victim because you never seem to be the economic victor.

The Republicans who stopped you, even though, in your first two years, you had full control of Congress and the complete run of the table...

Nefarious billionaires out to get you, but not a word about your fair share of billionaires out to get your opponent.

No one expects their president to be a saint.

They just have trouble constantly hearing him repeat the same sins.