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MONICA CROWLEY GUEST HOST: For years, Suzanne Somers has been a pioneer when it comes to alternative medical treatments. And now she teams up with a group of scientists, doctors, and medical professionals to address the way we approach aging.

Her new book "Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging" is in stores now. Sean sat down with Suzanne Somers to talk about this and much more.


SEAN HANNITY, HOST OF "HANNITY": And we welcome back Suzanne Somers, "Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging." Well you redefine aging. I mean, it's amazing. Every time I see you, it's like you look better every day.

SUZANNE SOMERS, AUTHOR: Really, well, I'm 65. This year when I turn 65, I thought so weird when I was a kid, people who were 65 either retired or died. I'm so nowhere near that.

HANNITY: No, nowhere close.

So I thought I write a book and tell people what I do, but actually this is a book about how you can age well because the way we're aging now is not so pleasant.

HANNITY: It's horrible. I actually, you are bringing me more to your side every time I talk to you about health and medicine. In all seriousness, you talk about -- because breast cancer for women, prostate cancer for men. It's like 1 in 8 or 9 women get breast cancer. 1 in 8 men, most men will die with some level of prostate cancer. You say -- go ahead.

SOMERS: I'm so excited to tell this. I sat next to this doctor at a dinner party a couple years ago he's from Harvard --

HANNITY: A urologist.

SOMERS: Urologist, he's on the faculty of Harvard. We got along really great. His name is Dr. Abe Morganteler. And he called me earlier this year, and he said, I think I got something you'll find interesting.

So I said let me turn on my recorder. He said, I just finished a small, but important clinical trial where we are giving testosterone to men with active prostate cancer and their cancer is regressing. The study is two years old. None of the men in the study.

HANNITY: You're giving them testosterone?

SOMERS: Testosterone.

HANNITY: But you take shots of testosterone.

SOMERS: I don't take shot. I rub on cream.

HANNITY: But you're a woman. You would think that this would be --

SOMERS: No, women have testosterone. It's a ratio. To be a man, you have testosterone --

HANNITY: You told me I need it. That's what you said to me. Suzanne Somers, sex symbol, goes to me you need to testosterone. Thanks a lot.

SOMERS: But because of the hours you keep, the stress of your life, it blunts hormone production. You live in New York City, stressful. So why wouldn't you take a blood test to see where your testosterone levels are? This is not about manhood.

HANNITY: Do you believe in human growth hormone?

SOMERS: I do. I take it human growth hormone.

HANNITY: And you take testosterone?

SOMERS: And estrogen and progesterone. Yes, cream.

HANNITY: Where do you get all this stuff?

SOMERS: From my doctor. Everything's done by lab work and doctors.

HANNITY: Why are doctors reluctant though to give a lot of the things that you're talking about?

SOMERS: Because they, with all due respect -- I love doctors. With all due respect, though, that even today as we speak, they do not teach about hormones or nutrition.

They spend approximately four hours learning how to prescribe hormones. So unless you've chosen to specialize in hormone replacement -- I'm talking natural bio-identical -- it's like going to a plumber for a heart bypass.

HANNITY: One thing you do say -- this is about reversing aging.


HANNITY: You talk a lot about in this book about increasing your libido, a lot. I know you've been married 44 years.

SOMERS: I know.

HANNITY: But you say it has a dramatic impact. I mean, because I've been around you, you have the energy of a 30-year-old.

SOMERS: I do, I do. I am so enjoying aging.

HANNITY: I am not. I hate it.

SOMERS: Well, you got to do what I tell you to do. My husband's on testosterone. He wasn't absorbing the cream, and so now every Monday we give him his testosterone shot.

HANNITY: Do you give it to him?

SOMERS: I do. That's Monday. Well, I think men want to know about, this because men aren't going to ask their doctors. If your doctor doesn't know about it -- it's not me saying it.

Its doctors that I interview. About 15 years ago, my husband started sleeping, falling asleep at -- before lunch, after lunch, while I'm making dinner, after dinner. He's just tired all the time.

HANNITY: Good for him.

SOMERS: I said you're getting like our old cat, your sleeping all the time. Why don't you go get your hormones checked? He went, and his levels were exceedingly low. They gave him his testosterone shots --

HANNITY: And he was fine?

SOMERS: His cream back. He was like -- you know when a vase of tulips runs out of water -- well, that's a bad – well anyway, you put water in the tulips, it comes back. I don't mean that, but it brought him back --

HANNITY: A vase of tulips come back? He started to sprout again?

SOMERS: He's sprouting nicely.

HANNITY: Wow, from the prostate.

SOMERS: Yes. Can I just say one more thing? There are so many doctors--

HANNITY: This book intrigues me that there is -- there are things in here that make me go, wow, that's pretty interesting.


HANNITY: You know a lot of people struggle with old age. My biggest problem is I play tennis and my knees and my ankles hurt. I sound like an old lady because something's always hurting.

SOMERS: You probably need hormones. Did they hurt when you were making optimum levels of hormones? Did you ever get hit on the head as a kid? Fall off a bike?

HANNITY: I fell off a roof, three stories.

SOMERS: OK, so what happens -- this happened to my son, he was run over by a car. When you get hit on the head as a kid, and a lot of kids do, it jostles the pituitary. So early on in life you start declining in hormone production so it would behoove you to take a blood test and see where your levels are.

HANNITY: I think that's great. My wife may end up killing you in the end if it works.

SOMERS: Have her take it, too.

HANNITY: She can get a shot every Tuesday.

SOMERS: It's great for marriages after all these years. It's great.

HANNITY: You've been married 44 years?

SOMERS: 44 years. Really love him.

HANNITY: The books terrific. Its "Explosive Medical Secrets That Redefine Aging."

SOMERS: I couldn't put a resource section in, because there's too many doctors so there's a resource section called where you can find a doctor like this, who is into this kind of thing, in the city or state nearest you.

HANNITY: Suzanne Somers, you're a lot of fun as always. God bless you.

SOMERS: So are you.


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