Rep. Bachmann reacts: Holder contempt and ObamaCare ruling

Congresswoman vows to repeal health care reform law and discusses Attorney General contempt vote


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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: In the "Unresolved Problem Segment" tonight, the political fallout from the Supreme Court ruling on the healthcare law. Republicans immediately vowed to repeal it if they take control in November.

And one of the leading critics of the Affordable Care Act, former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, introduced a bill to repeal the law last year. Congresswoman Bachmann joins us now from Washington, D.C.

Congresswoman first, I know you were in -- in the chamber when this decision was read by the Chief Justice. Just take us back there for a moment.

REP. MICHELE BACHMANN (R), MINNESOTA: Well, at first we were euphoric because it sounded like they were going to declare the individual mandate, the centerpiece of the bill, unconstitutional. They went through two sections. They said it was unconstitutional.

Then they got to the third, the most implausible, which was the taxing session and it was like a knife was stuck in us and twisted. We were absolutely floored and it went downhill from there. We were shocked and then, of course, we went out and talked to the public and to the media. And I think people were incredulous.

INGRAHAM: What has been the reaction coming into your office today Congresswoman Bachmann; the calls, the emails?

BACHMANN: People are angry, they're shocked. Now what they recognize is that there is one option left. It's a powerful option. It's the ballot box in November. And I think more than ever, Democrats and Independents are going to be looking at a "Mitt Romney for President" because it's a very clear contrast. It's Barack Obama and you keep Obamacare or it's Mitt Romney and you repeal it.

This was my signature issue when I ran for president but I will tell you that Mitt Romney has told me on more than one occasion looking in my eyes, "Michelle, I will repeal Obamacare."

So we have to not only win the White House. We have to win the Senate and the House. And people shouldn't be fooled into thinking we have to have 60 Republican seats in the Senate. We don't. We need 50 plus one. That's all we need. That's what the Democrats had with the reconciliation bill. And we can repeal Obamacare. Don't give up hope. We can get this done.

But more important than ever, we have to give money and we have to volunteer for candidates who are going to repeal Obamacare.

BACHMANN: Well as we said earlier. The -- the Romney campaign took in about $2 million after this decision was handed down. But at the same time, is it not the case, that with the President trotting out all these sob story examples of people well, they can't get coverage, they have a pre-existing condition and they tug at people's heart strings, kids you know that lose coverage or kids being thrown off their parent's plans.

Don't Republicans need to have a clear and meaningful replacement option? Is it enough just to say we're going to repeal it?

BACHMANN: Oh and we never have. We have great options, options that won't cost the taxpayers a dime. A very simple one is to let any American buy any health insurance policy they want anywhere in America with no minimum requirement that cost zero but it brings down the price of healthcare.

Then we can let Americans buy it with their own tax free money. You can't do that today. That brings down the price. Then we can have true medical malpractice reform. That doesn't cost the taxpayers, three things that won't cost the taxpayers. That's just the beginning of reform.

We have great ideas, Laura, but what we know with Obamacare is that millions of people will lose their healthcare coverage from their employer. They will be thrown off of it they won't have anything. And the black cloud that's over our economy will stay through this November because right now I'm telling you employers are meeting in their board rooms. They are saying we can't afford this government insurance.

And so -- so they are going to no longer offer it to their employees and then the employees have a decision to make. Pay a fine to the government or buy this very expensive insurance. It's a disaster.


INGRAHAM: Now, it's a tax, it's a tax, Congresswoman.

BACHMANN: Well, according to John Roberts. By the way not according to Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid or the words of the actual Obamacare legislation.

INGRAHAM: Oh that doesn't matter. Oh no.

BACHMANN: But it is to John Roberts.


INGRAHAM: No the language -- it doesn't matter.

BACHMANN: The court now thinks its Congress.

INGRAHAM: Now Congresswoman what do you say to Alberto Gonzalez who was in charge of the vetting of John Roberts? I mean, where do we go to get recourse for that vetting? Do you have anything to say to him tonight?

BACHMANN: Well, I think we need to get some clear answers about do you believe in the Constitution? Do you believe in federalism? Do you believe in the enumerated powers which is the limiting power of government? All of that was thrown out the window today. That's why people are shocked by this decision.

But the bigger, more practical impact for the people watching the O'REILLY show tonight and you, Laura, is that for millions of people health insurance costs are going to skyrocket. And we're going to get a lot less for it, it's a very bad deal and a lot of people are going to lose their employer-sponsored healthcare.

INGRAHAM: On the Eric Holder contempt vote, do you think that there is a risk of this becoming a distraction from the economy, from healthcare repeal and replace if this continues to domination the headlines as worthy an inquiry as it.

BACHMANN: No, not at all because this is a very important issue. No man is above the law including the President of the United States, including Eric Holder, their thumbing their nose at -- at the rule of law. People won't stand for that.

As Bill O'Reilly said earlier in the show, there is a border patrol agent who was killed. And this is a program where guns were put in the hands of terrorists in Mexico, clearly because the Department of Justice wanted to have gun control passed in Congress.

That's all this was about. They got found out, red-handed, and they don't want to answer the charge. It's outrageous. So we can -- we can chew gum and tie our shoes at the same time. We can handle more than one issue.

INGRAHAM: Well Congresswoman thanks so much.

BACHMANN: Thank you.

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