Common Sense

Cavuto: Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for, because now you've got it.


Here. For now, to stay.

Talk about repealing it in the House...but they're not going anywhere in the Senate.

And unless they win big in November, they're not going anywhere, period.

No, the healthcare law is on. And it's growing.

And the taxes...hundreds of billions of dollars worth of 'em...are coming.

Money for Washington’s latest good intention.

The gift that keeps giving at a price that keeps escalating.

But I’ve always noticed in the beginning, those trumpeting the gift, trumpet the good things it brings...

The pricey maintenance costs that follow.

Take Medicare.

When Lyndon Johnson got it going in 1965, it was a 66 million dollar program, initially meant to help the elderly with their medical bills, but not "all" their medical

It's ballooned into a half-trillion dollar program meant not only to help the elderly...

But many younger and those with disabilities and pretty much "all" their medical bills at a cost now of nearly 500-billion-dollars a year.

And while we're on the issue of Medicare...

Let's not forget the last president's noble effort to provide a Medicare prescription drug benefit...then at a cost of a couple of hundred million bucks but over ten like a trillion bucks, and growing, every year.

Or let's go back to social security. A kind gesture by Franklin Roosevelt back in 1935 to provide some income protection for retirees...a 25 million dollar expense that could easily be supported by the 16 workers paying in for every retiree cashing out.

But now that worker to retiree ratio is closer to three-to-one. And that 25 million dollar gesture is now a trillion dollar entitlement just gasping.

I’m not saying these programs are evil. They all started out with intentions that were good. It's just the math that has turned bad.

I fear the same thing for the healthcare law now. We've promised folks the world, and made healthcare a right.

What we haven't told them is this will cost the world and the final price tag will strike many as just wrong.

Don't believe me.