Common Sense

Cavuto: Do you want more or less government?

Austerity debate isn't so clear in America


More government.

Or less government.

What this entire election year comes down to, my friends.

More or less-- do you want...well, more or less?

It's your call.

You're just the latest to make the call.

Already decided in Europe.

They want more government.

And what's pretty consistent is they don't much like those who say they should be getting less government.

Ain't big over there. Even though the bills for big government are getting out of control over there.

So those who cut...get cut...

In Spain... us.

It's not so black and white.

Sure, a lot of folks ain't big on austerity.

Man, do they protest those politicians even hinting of austerity.

Trouble is...they don't always win.

In fact, in this country, more often than not, lately they...lose.

They tried to bring this governor down in Wisconsin...but failed.

Tried to hold back cuts to public unions in San Diego, and San Jose too...but failed.

And tried to hold back cuts from a democratic mayor in Los Angeles and a democratic governor in New York...but so far, continue to fail.

That's not to say the less government crowd has got it more in the bag here...

Just that they're doing better here.

Because that is really what November is all about here.

Whether the less government crowd continues to gain...

Or the more government crowd reverses those gains.

It's close. Very close.

I mean, really, incredibly, tight as a spending tick close.

Those who want more government versus those who are sick and tired of paying for more government.

Thing is, more people than ever are getting stuff from government in this country...

So you could argue they have a distinct advantage in this country.

And those sick of paying for all that government are at a distinct "disadvantage" in this country.

Austerity is always a tough campaign pitch.

Just ask any European leader who's tried....

But then again...that's Europe.

It remains to be seen whether...that's us.