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Bill O'Reilly: President Obama's power eroding at a fast rate

Talking Points 6/21


By Bill O'Reilly

Here is how this country works at the federal level.

If a President is strong like Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt he can get a lot of things done behind the scenes. Presidential power is awesome. And if the chief executive has the folks behind him, few politicians want to go up against public opinion.

But when a president is weak like Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon in his last days, very little gets done in Washington. The opposing party sensing blood in the water does not cooperate because they want the weak president out of there. That's what's happening to Barack Obama right now. His power is in steep decline.

The Russian tyrant Putin knows that and totally disrespected Mr. Obama at the G-20 summit. If Putin have done that to Reagan he would have been punished most likely behind the scenes. But right now Barack Obama has no such power.

Also at the summit the President seemed discombobulated. In his press conference his answers were rambling tedious and at times incoherent. It was a troubling performance.

And then there is more bad news ahead. Next week the full house will most likely hold Attorney General Holder in contempt for not handing over relevant "Fast and Furious" documents. If that happens, a grand jury will be convened to possibly prosecute Holder meantime the President is defending the Attorney General by invoking executive privilege, stonewalling the documents. That means that Mr. Obama is now tied into Mr. Holder's fate.

And then there is ObamaCare. "The Factor" has learned that administration has already crafted a narrative anticipating the Supreme Court will rule the healthcare mandate unconstitutional next week. If that happens the President will become even weaker because Obama care is his signature achievement.

"The Factor" has also learned that the Obama re-election campaign believes the economy will not improve by Election Day and therefore, is targeting liberal Americans to the President's cause by using personal, not policy arguments.

All in all, about five months before the election, President Obama is at his weakest point and things seem to be getting worse.

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Pinheads & Patriots

Our pals, Regis and Kathie Lee, together again on NBC.


KATHIE LEE GIFFORD, NBC'S "TODAY SHOW": By the way, it's Wednesday. Wednesday, June 20.

REGIS PHILBIN, FORMER TALK SHOW HOST: It's always Wednesday around here.

GIFFORD: Let's go back, Reeg. Let's go back.

PHILBIN: I will. I will. Get me through the show.

GIFFORD: Having a good time?

PHILBIN: Fair. Just fair.

GIFFORD: Come on, who's better, Betty White or me?

PHILBIN: Oh, Betty -- let me tell you something, don't overlook Betty White. You've got to be a man to handle Betty White.

GIFFORD: You've got to come back. I know. You've got to come back and be with Hoda when I'm gone.

PHILBIN: Nice being with everybody.


O'REILLY: Phil looks like 80, right? Eighty years old. "It's always Wednesday on this show"? That's a great line. The guy is still right there. When I'm 80 I'm going to be in some kind of oxygen chamber someplace, you know.

All right, now I have known Regis and Kathie Lee for years, and I can tell you they are genuinely nice people. Now, Regis can get a little strange. He did need some cushions on that show. He gets any smaller, you'll only see is nose. But he's a good guy. Therefore, they are both "Patriots"