America's Cup controversy

Are sailboats scaring seabirds?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: All right. San Francisco, which is Spanish for cuckoo crazy pants, in order to keep America Cup there, the city will spend 150 grand to see whether the boat scare birds on a bay.

The study is part of a settlement of a lawsuit by a group of people who worry when the mighty sails float by, it will frighten the birds and fear will cause them to expend energy that could be harmful to their health. The end result: severely depressed birds will probably turn to drugs.

But look, America's Cup can only blame itself. It would have been better holding the race on a lake in North Korea during wintertime in an avalanche.

Sorry. How about a study to examine how San Francisco itself is scaring the rest of America? That means the actions of S.F. and California in general is far more effective to get life forms to flee the state than any stupid yacht.

I mean, you are worried about feather feathered feelings? Have you been to Oakland lately? It seems safest from marsh. Half the state is sinking in a ocean an debt, the state is for the birds now, literally.

But this is what happens if you turn liberalism into a competition. What bird brains on the bay are trying to do is out-green each other. First prize is lunch with Nancy Pelosi. I hope they serve roasted seagull.

Should they cancel the race, Dana, and save the birds?

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: You know, this really should be considered, maybe put to a vote. The sailors and they can decide if they're green or not, they're either with the birds or they're against the birds.

GUTFELD: See, I think that's disgusting because you know birds can't vote. You're birdist.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: You were setting her up and hoping she would say no, let the race go. Then you were going to accuse her of being a bird hater.

GUTFELD: She hates birds.

PERINO: I hate pigeons.

GUTFELD: You do hate pigeons.

Eric, you have five or six yachts, right?

BOLLING: I have no yachts. None.

GUTFELD: Was the money well-spent?

BOLLING: Is this a setup?


BOLLING: No, Greg, the money was not well spent. I think 150 grand would be better used -- I don't know feeding the homeless.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: If I can make a point.

GUTFELD: No, you can't, Bob. I'm kidding. Go ahead.

BECKEL: OK. I won't say anything.

GUTFELD: Go ahead.

BECKEL: I happen to think that I'm for the birds here. I'm generally for the birds. But these people who race these things are billionaires who spend more than $150,000 on a spinner sail. If this is going to disrupt the bird population in that bay, let them go sail the billion dollar yachts.

PERINO: What about the birds that die because of the windmills?

BECKEL: That's not the topic. It's billionaires who --

PERINO: Sorry. I learned from the best.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: Bob, why not have billionaires fund the study? What is offensive is this is happening in California, the state is bankrupt and now, it's not even when you want to get rich, you start a company or do that. Now, it's just start a non-profit and put forth these studies so the Gutfeld institute and the Tantaros institute and the Perino institute, we can just get alto of money and fund studies.


BOLLING: But you know what? More importantly than the birds or billionaire yacht owner are the hundred of millions of dollars that this race brings to the city of San Francisco. So, they spent 100 grand to figure out how to lose $100 million in revenue.

BECKEL: Remember, this is part of a lawsuit. They have to do this.

GUTFELD: This is a city that, you know, remember banned Happy Meal toys, allowed nude men going to restaurants and they are driving businesses away.

PERINO: That's a good point, actually, Bob. That environmental nuance lawsuit are tied up court time, a lot of taxpayers dollars when it's clearly unnecessary.

BECKEL: That -- some of that may be true but this is a lawsuit and it requires having a study. I don't think it's an issue. Is you billionaire yach ready to go?

GUTFELD: Yes, it's my garage.

PERINO: It's so tiny it goes in a bathtub.


GUTFELD: Dana, you can't stop, can you?

TANTAROS: So if you are admitting that the environmentalist, as Dana points out --


BECKEL: Some of that.

TANTAROS: But guess who pays for that?

PERINO: We do.


BECKEL: Are you against birds?

TANTAROS: I'm not against birds, Bob.

BECKEL: You live in New York. You ought to be against birds. Pigeons. Dirty, disgusting, disrespectful --

TANTAROS: They're flying rats.

GUTFELD: So, this is weird. Here, you hate pigeons. In California, so, they're different rules for you than other people.

BECKEL: There's a seagull and then there's pigeon. Seagulls don't fly over your house and dump on it.

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