Grapevine: Tweets politicians don't want you to see

New site focuses on government transparency


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Footing the Bill

This week in a campaign speech, President Obama likened the deficit he inherited from the Bush administration to being left with the tab for an expensive steak dinner.

But the next day, the president did the same thing himself.

After taking two service members and two local barbers to a Father's Day lunch the group left without paying.

The bill was $55.58. But unlike the federal deficit the White House picked up the tab by the end of the day.


The Sunlight Foundation a group focused on making government more transparent has launched a new project called Politwoops.

The site posts deleted tweets from politicians.

Some of them were just typos.

Others may have been the result of Twitter remorse.

Senator John McCain deleted this, following a tearful victory speech by Russian president Putin. Quote -- "Dear Vlad, Surprise! Surprise! You won. The people of Russia are crying too!"

And Tennessee lawmaker Stephen Fincher-- took down this observation about a popular TV show -- quote -- "the bachelor is a lot like the Hunger Games."

Who You Gonna Call?

Finally, a Connecticut man showed up at a deli Wednesday to pick up his order of 14 sandwiches.

But when he wasn't convinced, they had been made as ordered he picked up the phone.


CALLER: I specifically asked for little um turkey, and little um ham and a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise and they are giving me a hard time so I was wondering if you could stop by and just --

Dispatcher: You're calling 911 because you don't like the way they're making your sandwich?

McLennon: Exactly


The deli owner says, the customer later called to apologize and promised he would return for more sandwiches.