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Cavuto: Jamie Dimon stuff is lopsided

JPMorgan losses not that big of a deal?


Here's how lopsided this Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan Chase thing is getting.

A prison convict says he's getting reamed.

But this guy named "Dennis" says this "Jamie’s" no menace.

And Dennis should know.

Dennis has done the time. In fact Dennis Kozlowski is still doing the time...albeit in a correction facility now, where he gets to be home on weekends, and need only return to finish his sentence, each week night.

It's a far cry from the upstate New York prison in which I chatted with him sometime back.

Back then the former Tyco kingpin told me he was being made a scapegoat for an age of excess.

A man whose only crime, he said was living large and enjoying parties even larger.

A jury thought otherwise, of course, that shareholders were footing those larger-than-life bills, and what he was doing was illegal.

No matter.

This day, I want to focus on why what Dennis Kozlowski is saying about this whole sorted soap opera matters.

Once again, Dennis is reaching out to Fox.

To us.

And only us.

And with a stunning, jaw-dropping take on an electrifying D.C. hearing, you'll only hear watching us.

Because the guy best known for pricey umbrella stands is poking some politician’s big time. But not with sharp designer umbrellas. I'm talking, sharper, damning words.

Not only giving them the business...Dennis is telling them to stay the hell out of business's business.

But it's how he's saying.

Or to whom he's saying it...

That you gotta watch.

And you simply gotta behold.

And tonight.

At 8 p.m. eastern time.

You will.

Loud and clear...the jolt from jail.

Three hours.

From now.