'Obama Girl' loses crush on president

Amber Lee Ettinger 'not as excited' for reelection


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, when you lose Amber, you lose America.

I speak of Amber Lee Ettinger, AKA, the Obama Girl, who told The Daily Caller that her infatuation with "O" is over. She confesses she's -- quote -- "not as excited as I was the last time."

Amen, sister.

If you remember in 2008, the model/actress/girl-who-never-called-me-when-she-said-she-would shot to fame after appearing in this video.


GUTFELD: Yes, those were crazy times. Even Amber admits it was quite a roller coaster ride. But now that the luster has faded, she is reconsidering the man she thought she knew. She says, "I'm not sure it's anyone's business who I am voting for this time around."

Now, stop, if you will, at the sober realization, but we've all been there. Late morning regret over choices made in the heat of passion because it was exciting, cool, and you wanted to be liked by all. That's what an Obama vote was all about for many of the Millenials: Gaining approval of the cool kids and attention from the media, for a decision mistakenly seen as daring.

But in my opinion, if you resisted Obama's overwhelming cool factor, that made you way cooler than any flash in the pan with the tan.

And so, we wave bye-bye to Amber, who fell for the perfect symbol of this modern era. That "O" she embraced turned out to be a zero. Easy mistake. They look alike.

Bob, this could be the biggest blow to the Obama campaign yet. Should he step aside and let Hillary run?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I think he probably should. First time I have ever seen this woman. Good looking.

But outside of that, you know, you say about the Millenials, you know, abandoning Obama. The fact is that the Millenials, young people are voting for Obama in big numbers in every poll I look at.

So, I don't buy that notion. I don't know who this woman is. She wanted to get famous with the videos. She just got famous with me. Outside of that, it's a false symbol as something we're all around this table with the exception of me are used to using.

GUTFELD: No, I didn't say that the said Millenials aren't voting, I'm saying they are voting for the wrong reasons.

Andrea, this could be devastating to President Obama.

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: You know, Greg, I really thought when he lost Motley Crue guitarist Nikki Six, that he had hit rock bottom. But I have to say this is rock bottom.

And I'm really shocked. I thought that girl had such good taste in men when I watched her original video.

It's so surprising. It's not surprising, though, that Bob is drooling right now every time we show a picture.

BECKEL: This woman has good taste in men? Not bad.

TANTAROS: I'm being facetious, Bob.

BECKEL: Oh, I'm sorry.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I think it's ruse --

GUTFELD: It is ruse.

PERINO: -- because I think she's going to do the comeback video in October. October surprise will not be any policy. It won't be any like foreign policy offense. It will be the second that she will probably be supporting him.

GUTFELD: I'm a sucker. She suckered me into her plan and that angers.

PERINO: She'll probably be on "Red Eye" later tonight.

GUTFELD: Eric, have you reached out to the Obama Girl to comfort her in any way?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: I interviewed her on "Follow the Money."

BECKEL: You did?

BOLLING: Absolutely.

PERINO: She's been around the building.

BECKEL: She's in the building?

BOLLING: No, no, it's on remote. I think she's in L.A.

PERINO: Hannity had her on.

BOLLING: We do that line? Hey, B, it's me. Pick up, will you?

I think she is trying to gain a little bit of fame again because she hasn't been in the spotlight for a while. She'd probably vote for him again. She seemed like she was going to.

GUTFELD: I believe this is a metaphor for the casual political consumer. She thought it was cool and now she is over him.

But I want to move on something else, the Obama campaign's --


GUTFELD: You are looking forward to this? This is a radio ad targeting African-Americans. It's a 60-second ad entitled "We've Got Your Back." Let's roll some of it, please?


NARRATOR: Four years ago, we made history. Now, it's time to move forward and finish what we started together. We have to show the president we have his back.

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We can't afford to spend the next four years going back. I'm running to make sure that by the end of the decade, more and more citizens hold a college degree than any other nation on Earth.



GUTFELD: Bob, is that not the smoothest ad you've ever heard?

BECKEL: I think it's kind of smooth. I have your back behind your barstool every night.

Listen, the idea that he would be targeting African-Americans who he needs a big turn-out from, he'll win percentages as big as he did last time. I mean, there's no blacks that are going to vote for Mitt Romney.

PERINO: What about black Mormons?

BOLLING: I don't know.

BECKEL: Black Mormons may. The three in that church may vote for him.

But, look, going after particular the constituency, Romney went after Hispanics. Did you guys make a big deal out of that? Of course not.

BOLLING: Are you saying Romney is Hispanic?

BECKEL: No. I said he ran Hispanic ads. What's wrong with that? It happens all the time. What is the point here?

BOLLING: Barack Obama is African-American and he is going after the African-American vote.


GUTFELD: I like the music. I like the vibe.

BOLLING: Is there a reason? I mean, Pew did a poll saying that support among African-Americans for Barack Obama is actually going down. In 2008, I think 95 --


PERINO: It's everybody.

BOLLING: And now, it's down to 88 percent. Gay marriage has been an issue in the Obama campaign.

PERINO: I think unemployment is the bigger issue. Just general disappointment. I think the likely voters will likely vote for President Obama again in a re-election, they know that there is not as many of them as there were before and they're not -- the enthusiasm. And that's across the board in almost every plight.

So, that's why they are figuring out -- they have a whole analytics department that tries to figure out how to segment the population. Just one of those things.

TANTAROS: I don't think it's that big of a deal. If I were running to office and there were Greeks to shore up, I'd smash a few plates and "oopa!" at the end of an ad. I mean, what's wrong were that? I do think though --

BECKEL: And then you file for bankruptcy.

TANTAROS: I do think though the timing is a bit suspect. This is an ad that you would take out as a get-out-the vote ad. I mean, this is a base shoring up type of ad. And, typically you would do an ad buy like this to get out the vote in October. And even someone from "The Grio," which is a website focused on African-Americans, said that this is a little bit early for him to do. But he must -- as Eric points out, he must be sensing a little bit of a problem with the demographics that should be in the corner.

BOLLING: Another poll, I apologize, I'm not sure if it's PPP or Pew, in May, in North Carolina voters, 87 percent support Barack Obama. Now, it's down to 76 percent. Something happened in one month. Something happened.

BECKEL: I do think the gay marriage issue hurt him among African-Americans. But this campaign of Obama is heavily dependent on organizers in each precinct. They're probably not getting as many organizers. That's probably the reason for it.

But do you think that African-Americans are going to vote for a guy who's church denied access for blacks up until 15 years ago? I mean, c'mon. Even Alabama did that.

GUTFELD: That's almost as ridiculous as like the KKK member being in the Democratic Party. Oh, wait, that did happen.

Here's my question: who -- is an ad supposed to say that the candidate has your back? I'm confused by who has whose back here?


TANTAROS: The singers have Obama's back.

GUTFELD: Yes. Like they've got your back or does he have their back? Shouldn't he have America's back?

TANTAROS: That's the problem. He's broken our back.

BOLLING: President Obama should have sung in that himself. I mean, he's got a great voice.

GUTFELD: He does have a great voice. He does.

PERINO: That's going to be the other October surprise.

BECKEL: By the way, has anybody know if Mitt Romney has ever been to black event?

GUTFELD: I'm sure he might know some black people.


BECKEL: -- black church or to a black fundraiser?

PERINO: I have no idea. Has President Obama ever been to my house to give --

GUTFELD: I believe he was in a fundraiser in Philly?

PERINO: I have no idea.

TANTAROS: But the point is, too, Obama promised the black community. He made a lot of big promises like he made promises to everybody. Underemployment for blacks is almost double the national average.

So, I think he has real problems. They're not necessarily all going to come out and vote, Bob. Maybe they won't vote all for Mitt Romney, but they may stay home. But they may stay home and that's what he's worried about.

BECKEL: I doubt that seriously. When they look at Romney, they'll be out in droves.

PERINO: If you said about the Mormon Church, what would you say to somebody who said they wouldn't vote for President Obama because of him going to Reverend Wright's church for 20 years, the Goddamned America?

BECKEL: What did I say about the Mormon Church?

PERINO: You said that they would not be likely to vote -- that they had their policy against black people that changed in 19 -- whatever it was.

BECKEL: Right.

PERINO: And you said that nobody -- African-American would vote for Romney because of that. So would you say the same is true for somebody who was white, who would look at President Obama and say, I'm not voting for him because he went to Reverend Wright's church?

BECKEL: I think that hurt him just that way in the last election.

GUTFELD: You know, I want to wrap this. But more important, Bob, I'm transfixed by your clowny mug. Have you seen this mug?

BECKEL: This mug is one of my proudest possessions. What it says here is some of you ought to listen to. Proud to be a bleeding heart liberal.


TANTAROS: So they can see it.

BECKEL: There you go.

PERINO: With the Fox News in the background like a heart.

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