Shortchanged by 'Snow White'?

Little people have big beef with Hollywood fantasy flick


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: So, some little people are ticked off that Universal Pictures cast non-dwarf actors as dwarfs in the movie "Snow White and the Huntsman." The faces and voices of average-sized actors were added to dwarfs' bodies, robbing real tiny actors of roles and that appalls those not tall like actor Danny Woodburn who tells the New York Post owned by the parent company, awesome people incorporated, that it's like white actors dawning black face.

A rep for Universal says the move was a casting decision, not a body type decision.

Baloney. This is an attack on the tiny.

But what's worse? That some of our nation's biggest little people aren't speaking up. Where is Tom Cruise? Dennis Kucinich? Danny de Vito? Dana Perino?

Now, I'm not saying Dana is small, but this morning, she did her step aerobics on a Lego. Then she came to work in monopoly wheelbarrow. She went sprained her ankle on an electron. That red lobsters she orders nothing but plankton. She often travels by slingshot. The staff once filed a missing person's report after she fell between the couch's cushion. And last week, she ate an olive and qualified for maternity leave.

Anyway, Hollywood wants to pretend they're so exclusive, but really, they're a bunch of intolerant jerks. I would organize a protest but I went to Home Depot and couldn't reach the shelf where they sold the poster board, so I got drunk instead.

Dana, wow!


GUTFELD: Why do you remain silent?

PERINO: First of all, one of those lines is one I gave you.

GUTFELD: Which one?

PERINO: The one about Hollywood being jerks, when they say they're sensitive but they're really mean to people.


PERINO: They're not sensitive at all.

GUTFELD: That's true.

PERINO: They're a bunch of you-know-what.

GUTFELD: It's interesting point. OK. So, I was talking -- we know Dana is about two pounds, 80 feet or 80 pounds. Two feet.

PERINO: Two feet, 80 pounds, right.

GUTFELD: She had to go to the movie theater when she was a kid. She couldn't go to movies, because she couldn't keep the seat down.

PERINO: My mom would have to put her purse on the chair to home the thing down.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Honestly, I thought the woman who faked cancer --


PERINO: Actually, that is true. That last one was true. The slingshot one would be fun, but not true.

GUTFELD: Bob, there are not a lot of roles for little people. So, they're actually taking these roles away. That's got kind of an outrage.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I couldn't agree with you more. But I --

GUILFOYLE: We gave you a role.

BECKEL: You know who sued -- people play the munchkins in the "Wizard of Oz," they all got together and sued the movie company. Yes, they did, the Munchkins did. They're mostly all Republicans.

But they sued the movie company and didn't get -- they lost.

PERINO: What did they sue them for?

BECKEL: They sued because they didn't pay them or something. I don't remember. They all got together.

See, the little people been a together, they band together, because you can travel 80 to a car.

GUTFELD: Terrible.

PERINO: I think they are right to complain.

GUTFELD: Eric, here is my question to you. Should Obama be impeached?

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: It's unbelievably obvious that this is Obama's fault. I saw this movie. It was great movie. The thing about that, the guy from "Deadwood," the actor.


BOLLING: Unbelievable actor. He was one of the little people. It would haven't worked with anyone else. That guy was fantastic.

GUTFELD: Well, I don't know about, well, how about this, Kimberly, I have a theory --

GUILFOYLE: I couldn't tell. It looked real to me. I saw it right before it came on. It was an excellent movie.

GUTFELD: Whatever, Kimberly. Here's the point.

GUILFOYLE: You're so mean.

GUTFELD: No, you know, you deserve it after what you did to me.

Shouldn't little people then have the opportunity to play tall people in movies, by grafting little people's head like Tom Cruise's head? Why can't Tom Cruise play Michael Jordan in the Michael Jordan movie?

GUILFOYLE: Well, they actually do that. They wear lifts and put them on. If you want to wear my shoes one day, OK.

GUTFELD: What makes you think I haven't done it already?

BECKEL: I find little people to be very nice people generally. But do you know in the break, Eric hit me viciously. My arm swollen up, I'm taking you to human intelligence. Whatever it is.


GUILFOYLE: Resources.

PERINO: You have the tape, at least.

BECKEL: Right, I have a tape. It was a brutal assault. I want to make that point. I just, I can't believe it. It's OK. I'll get through it somehow.

PERINO: Well, I stand with the little people, in this case.

GUTFELD: You have to climb on a ladder to be with the little people.

PERINO: Hopefully, they'll have me.

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