Grapevine: MSNBC pulling back on Trayvon Martin coverage?

Big shift as new details of case emerge


And now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine...

Change of Tune

MSNBC is being accused of backing off of its coverage of the Trayvon Martin case after new evidence favorable to George Zimmerman -- the man charged with second degree murder in the case -- came to light.

The network spent hours, even full shows, covering the shooting for days after it happened.

But, according to Mediaite, last week after the new evidence about Zimmerman emerged there was not a single mention of the case on MSNBC's prime time programming...not one.

Even Reverend Al Sharpton who had taken his show on the road to cover the Martin case didn't mention it.

Instead, the network's evening programs turned their focus to the possibility of an ad connecting President Obama to Reverend Jeremiah Wright from an alleged pro-Romney group.

Making the Grade

A public elementary school in Manhattan will be the first to require students to study Arabic.

All second through fifth graders will have Arabic lessons twice a week.

The class teacher said it's important for children to learn Arabic because it will soon be a global language like Spanish or French.

So far, the parents association has been largely supportive of the measure. The school is a so-called "choice school" so no students are forced to attend.

Unwelcome Addition

There's quite a stir over a Harvard alumni directory updated ahead of the 50th class reunion.

Among the entries is "Unabomber" Ted Kaczynski who is, of course, locked up at the federal supermax prison in Colorado for killing three people and injuring 23 others during a bombing spree,

Kaczynski lists his current occupation as "prisoner" and says his awards are "eight life sentences."

The Harvard Alumni Association regrets publishing the update and issued the following statement -- quote -- "While all members of the class who submit entries are included, we regret publishing Kaczynski's references to his convictions and apologize for any distress that it may have caused others."

A Harvard spokesman says the update was indeed submitted by Kaczynski, but wouldn't say how that was confirmed.