Media unfazed by violent Chicago protests

Press afraid to admit they were duped by 'Occupiers'?


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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Well, when something happens once or twice, it's an exception. When it happens a third time, it's a trend. But when it is repeated 1,000 times over it becomes ignored. No big deal; at least when you're in the mainstream media covering left-wing rabble.

What was once a media that shrieked in horror of a tacky Tea Party sign now shrugs at "Occupier" terror. Three men were charged with trying to commit terror with Molotov cocktails at the NATO summit this weekend. They're delightful.

Apparently, the men wanted to attack the president's campaign office in Chicago, as well as police stations and the mayor's office.

Now, these stories glide by without the commentary, unlike the heady days of Tea Party persecution when mainstream hacks gleefully mocked the movement, like their aging grandparents.

But if it were the Tea Party in Chi town, the media will be calling for the National Guard. Lefty bloggers would be screaming as soon as someone broke a nail.

So, how weird is it that the more outrageous the protests get, the less excited the media becomes? Because they reveal the truth means to admit you were duped. With OWS, reporters fell for same crud they fell for in high school -- attention- seeking narcissism masquerading as concern.

In the end, when a loser doesn't get what he wants, he just blows it up. But like a cop gesturing to gawkers at a crime scene, the media says nothing to see here, move along, and then Googles Romney and Bain Capital for their next column.



GUTFELD: You said it was no big deal and the same thing old thing. Well, you only hear the same old thing because they keep doing the same old whole thing. They're insane.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: I listened to your monologue.

First of all, the three people who were indicted on NATO, these are anarchists who were around way before Occupy Wall Street.

GUTFELD: Of course. No link.

BECKEL: There is no link.

GUTFELD: You said that last time with Cleveland the next day.

BECKEL: Maybe I'm proven wrong. Let's find out. I doubt it on this one.

Anarchists have been following NATO meetings and World Bank meetings for 20 years. They come from all over the world. They do the same thing. They protest --

GUTFELD: Bob, they're in their 20s. They weren't in the 1999 one.

BECKEL: To suggest for a second they represent the left is typical. Just like that guy that carried a gun to a Tea Party --


GUTFELD: There you go. That's all I need to know. What an example. And who carried the gun? Do you know who carried the gun?

BECKEL: A Tea Party person, a black guy.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Can I say something? Does Bill Ayers represent the left?


BOLLING: He doesn't represent the left?


BECKEL: No. Does David Duke represent the right?


BECKEL: Does David Duke represent the right?

BOLLING: You made a comment that these guys don't represent the left. They're anarchists who want change --

BECKEL: That's exactly right. They do not represent the progressive force of this country anymore than I think the Nazi David Duke represents you.


BOLLING: Bill Ayers has the same talking point as these people do, he --

BECKEL: That's ridiculous.

BOLLING: He's bombed police stations. He's bombed statues. He's bombed Washington, D.C. It's the same move, Bob.

BECKEL: I just got finished telling you it's a fringe element on the far left just as David Duke was on the far right.

GUTFELD: The one you used to love about three months ago.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: I think your point about media attention on it is interesting. At what point does a fringe element turn in a trend and turn in to something that --

GUTFELD: It's mundane. That looks like they don't want to talk about it.

PERINO: Right, like if you avert your eyes, it's not happening. Or it's more along lines of oh, they are just kids.

GUTFELD: Yes, it used to be, how heroic. Then, it was like uh, we're embarrassed.

But I got to say, Kimberly, we had to hand it to the Chicago police for doing a great job. I think. It's been pretty calm, right?

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Sure. I want to speak more to your point that the media is ignoring it. Because yes, they have egg on their face, because everybody's celebrating these people, oh, how inspirational. We have our own movement now, "Occupy Wall Street." Now we've seen they've proved themselves to be thugs and a violent element, very similar to Bill Ayers.

So, I don't see how that's a distinction with any kinds of difference whatsoever because these are the exact things that he was preaching, he was talk about, that he was engaged in.

PERINO: It's not easy for these cities to hold one of these big meetings. And I think Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who used to be chief of staff at the White House for President Obama, he was not going allow anything major to happen, and I think he led it very well.

BECKELE: I think they did a very good job unlike in 1968 when I was just a young teenager out at Grant Park when there was a police riot. They knocked over and sent to the hospital thousands of demonstrators. And I will say this, they have come a long way. I congratulate them, from being thugs and rioters --

GUTFELD: Yes, of course, call the cops thugs.

BECKEL: They were then.

GUTFELD: Here's the point. It's like I don't want to squeeze more juice out of this lemon. I am with you, Bob. I don't want to talk about them anymore. But the problem is they keep making the lemonade.


GUILFOYLE: No, it's lemons --

GUTFELD: "Occupy Wall Street" and the media who ignore them.

BECKEL: That was not "Occupy Wall Street."


BECKEL: Those were the anarchists that follow this around.

GUTFELD: The National Lawyers Guild is involved with "Occupy Wall Street" and involved with these punks.

BECKEL: Even if they are all together and have a Klan meeting every night.


BECKEL: I don't know if they represent me more than Timothy McVeigh represents your side. Is that a fair statement to make?

GUTFELD: You did laud them early on.


GUILFOYLE: Excuse me. Nobody was supporting Timothy McVeigh, Bob.

GUTFELD: I just want the media to be honest.

GUILFOYLE: He's a terrorist, he's not on anybody's side.


BECKEL: I don't think he represents conservatives. I think he's a fringe like I think a lot of these people are. But you guys associate him with everything on the left.

GUTFELD: The beauty of it is, the media did! The media romanticize this movement. They put them on the cover of magazines saying this was the new movement, this was the real Tea Party. Then they fell apart, now they're just scum and now you're running away.

PERINO: Remember, they were the people of the year, Time magazine.

BECKEL: We are not running away from the message, which is an even unfair that rewards people at the top and does not reward other people.


GUTFELD: Put on your bandana. Coming up -- we have to take a break.

BOLLING: So blow 'em up!


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