Common Sense

Cavuto: Many Americans feel overtaxed, overwhelmed

Government is the problem, not Facebook co-founder


Maybe we should spend less time punishing people who want to leave this country…

And find out exactly why they want to leave this country.

For many, it's taxes.

For Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, it was enough.

Let me be clear...

Saverin's hardly a sympathetic character. After all, he stands to make four billion bucks when Facebook goes public.

And hop-skipping over to Singapore, which has no capital gains tax, stands to save him a lot of money.

Saverin's just the biggest to bolt.

I think we should be focusing on the relatively smaller fry who continue to bolt.

Feeling over-taxed.


And just…over-whelmed.

So…they go.

To greener, or as they see it, cheaper pastures, i guess.

I don't condone that sort of stuff.

Saverin seems selfish.

But the senator who's trying to crucify him hardly seems a saint.

Chuck Schumer unveiling the "ex-patriot" act…to go after those who bolt this country so they can duck paying taxes.

In Saverin's case, Schumer says about 67 million bucks in taxes.

I don't know…this much I do.

Saverin's part of a parade.

Of ex-bankers who've had it.

And entrepreneurs who feel stifled by it.

"it" being us.

Us, personally, but a government that these Democrats and Republicans alike…just don't like and just can't take.

A government that keeps 'em guessing on what new regulations are coming down the pike.

And taxes them to the wall and wonders why they keep all that money parked across the pond.

The problem isn't a billionaire from Facebook.

But politicians who are glaringly two-faced.

Who say this is a great country but chase our greatest minds away.

Who'd sooner say of the rich who fund their nonsense, that they can't understand this wanting to leave nonsense.

When they can understand.

And they do understand.

It's just easier to say you're not friending a Facebook titan…

Than to admit you're not helping the rest of us peons.

Because when the rich here hit the breaking point paying for programs that don't work, pushed by senators who don't care…it's a wonder they don't care.

No, the mystery isn't why rich guys are bolting.

The mystery is…what took them so long.