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Bill O'Reilly: Politics of gay marriage not working out for Obama

Talking Points 5/15


By Bill O'Reilly

You may remember that then-Senator Obama ran on a platform of uniting the country and transforming politics into a positive for the folks. That was what "hope and change" was all about. Well, according to the new CBS News poll the President has failed to do that.

When asked, "Do you think Barack Obama publicly supported same-sex marriage mostly because he thinks it's the right thing to do or mostly because of political reasons," a whopping 67 percent of the country said the President flipped his gay marriage position for political reasons. Just 24 percent believe he did it as a matter of conscience.

That poll is devastating because it says that most Americans now think President Obama is just another politician who will change positions if he thinks it would personally benefit him.

Another part of the poll asks does President Obama's support of same-sex marriage make you more or less likely to vote for him? 16 percent more likely; 26 percent less likely; 57 percent no effect.

As "Talking Points" said last week the gay marriage deal will be a negative for the President come next November. He can say goodbye to North Carolina and has also lost some support in Florida, Ohio and Virginia, as well as some other states.

So, the political calculation, if that's what it really was, and I can't read the President's mind so I don't know, has actually hurt him and maybe even damaged his image among his most loyal constituency African- Americans. On black radio stations all across the country there is outrage over the President supporting gay marriage.


HOT 97 HOST: No question about it. I have been doing radio for a long time. And whenever I talk about this issue, I am shocked by how many people call up and are upset with the idea of supporting same-sex marriage.

CALLER ANTHONY: I mean, if you have a kid, would you want your kid marrying if he's a... if he's a boy, would you want him marrying another guy?


HOT 97 HOST: If he was gay.

CALLER ANTHONY: Would you want your daughter to marry another girl?

HOT 97 HOST: I want my child to be happy.

CALLER ANTHONY: The emotions, feelings is not the same though.

HOT 97 HOST: Jennifer, you will not vote for Obama because of what he just said.

CALLER JENNIFER: Definitely not.

HOT 97 HOST: Why?

CALLER JENNIFER: I don't know. I've never liked gay people.

HOT 97 HOST: Jennifer, do you know how disgusting that sounds?

CALLER JENNIFER: All right, maybe let me -- let me rephrase that I -- I'm not saying I don't like gay people. I don't really agree with what they are into.


President Obama has a 50/50 chance of being re-elected. Many things can happen between now and November. Mitt Romney must perform well in the three debates. And Romney must also better define his economic vision. But right now the President is slipping everywhere.

And that's "The Memo."

"Pinheads & Patriots."

This week the TV show "Jeopardy!" is featuring power players. They are not off to a fast start.


ALEX TREBEK, HOST, "JEOPARDY!": The category is "Awards," and here is the clue. "This performer is the only person to win an Emmy, the Mark Twain Prize and the Spingarn Medal.

If you remembered that the Spingarn Medal is the NAACP's highest award, that would have helped you. Chris, we come to you first.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC ANCHOR: Well, I got the wrong answer then. Mary Tyler Moore.

TREBEK: Well, let's take a -- you're right. That will cost you. How much? Half what have you've had. You're at $2,300.


TREBEK: It might work to your advantage. Let's go down to Bob Gibbs now. He had $12,800. His response was...

Nobody. What did he lose? $7,200. He is at $5,600.

Lizzie, it's up to you now.

LIZZIE O'LEARY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I knew I didn't have it either. I went for someone I sort of love anyway.

TREBEK: And you picked Tina Fey. No, the correct response is Bill Cosby. What did it cost? Lizzie, this is very important. $9,800. That drops her down to $4,200. And Robert Gibbs, congratulations. Times (ph) Hill Literacy Project will receive $50,000.


O'REILLY: All right. It's a charitable deal so you can sort out who the "Pinheads & Patriots" are in that crew.